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Staff Augmentation Services

Hire Remote Experts to Support Your Business Growth

Staff Augmentation: Leveraging Digital Development with a Remote Team

You know that technology development is a critical aspect of staying relevant in a digital business world. But many companies don’t have the budget or desire to bring full-time development engineers in-house. The solution: staff augmentation services.

This process allows you to expand your team and develop software, apps, and more – without the tedious in-person hiring process.

How it Works: Growth Made Easy

There are often situations when it would be helpful to have software engineers on your team, but it can be a burden to hire these team members as in-house employees. With staff augmentation, you outsource the necessary skills by bringing remote experts onto the project. This solution allows you to easily expand your team on-demand, and without the long-term costs of hiring a full-time employee. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Getting Started: Contact our team at Tech Critic to discuss your project and share more information about your business needs.
  • Create a Plan: We work with each business to create the ideal plan, including how many remote engineers are needed and the anticipated timeframe to complete the project.
  • Hire Remote Engineers: Our network of remote engineers is already in place, making it fast and simple to bring these new team members onto your project. 
  • Specified Timeframe: These remote engineers become a part of your team and work side-by-side with your employees for the agreed timeframe. 
  • Project Completion: When the project is complete, the engineers move onto other projects and you don’t have to worry about the financial burden of unnecessary employees.

Reach Your Company Goals

Is staff augmentation the right solution for your business? Here are some of the ways that staff augmentation can help you reach your company goals:

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding can be burdensome and time-consuming. Most companies have in-depth onboarding processes and need at least 45 days before a new employee will join the team. In comparison, staff augmentation services can have an expert plugged into your organization within 7 business days.
Bringing remote engineers onto the project is a simple and effective way to tap into the skillsets you need. Hire remote experts based on the specific skills you desire, including frontend engineers, QC/testers, QA automation, backend engineers, designers, UX analysis, project managers & deployment, and more.
The cost of recruiting and hiring is expensive, especially when you need highly skilled team members. Expenses add up when you factor in the ongoing salary, benefits, and more. Staff augmentation is a much more affordable solution because you are hiring the engineers for a specific timeframe.
No need to work with recruiting agencies, juggle job postings, or interview applicants. Staff augmentation gives you access to the skilled engineers that you need, without the hassle of recruiting and hiring. 
Do you need to grow your team quickly? No problem! Staff augmentation enables fast growth because you can hire as many experts as you need. This solution allows you to scale your team up and down on demand.
Staff augmentation gives you team members who are focused on your project 100%, dedicating their full time and attention to your business. As a result, their productivity is more reliable compared to other outsourcing solutions.

How Does Staff Augmentation Correlate with Project Success?

The choice is clear: staff augmentation creates better projects and optimized results. You can expand your team and build the software solutions that will enhance your business growth.

Tap into a group of highly skilled experts necessary to complete your project successfully. Outsourcing with freelancers means that you need to handle most responsibilities on your own: payroll, management, communication, and more.

On the other hand, staff augmentation gives you access to skilled workers while our team at Tech Critic handles all of the administrative details, including HR management, project management, and tech team assistance.