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National Download Day – December 28th

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Apps Continue to Improve Every Day Over just a couple of decades, the way we use telephones has drastically changed. For the longest time, we could only make phone calls from the comfort of our home when no one else was on the line. Traditionally, …

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November 30th: Computer Security Day

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The Security of Your Computer Should Always Be a Priority It is virtually impossible to go throughout your day without interacting with at least one computer. As technology has advanced, computers have become more and more commonplace throughout the world. While, in the past, they …

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Halloween Marketing Tips

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Halloween Can Help Spice Up Your Marketing The year is coming to a close as we enter the final three months of the year. Not only does this mean the weather has started to cool down, but the holiday season is finally here! Halloween is …

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn Can Help Generate New Leads Social media is an extremely helpful and important aspect of generating leads and growing your business. There are several social media platforms that all professionals and businesses should have a presence on, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, not …

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How Technology Has Changed Education

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Technology Continues to Change How Classrooms Operate We are living in a technological age in which every day sees innovations in some form of technology. These advances have greatly impacted many areas of human life, including communication, news, medicine, and more. One aspect that greatly …