Most businesses aren’t taking advantage of their digital data. The power of modern web analytics allows businesses of any size understand their audience, measure their marketing efforts, and optimize their online business.

web-analyticsWeb Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available to online marketers, businesses owners, and entrepreneurs. Using tools like Google Analytics, marketers can see exactly how many people have visited their website, what those visitors did, and how many of them converted into customers.

Using web analytics software – such as Google Analytics – allows companies to see exactly how well different marketing efforts are performing. It also allows businesses to understand their most popular content, their worst performing pages, and who exactly their average visitor is.

Using Web Analytics to Drive Business Success

You may have heard the saying, “Half of my marketing budget is wasted – the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” With effective use of web analytics, you can go a long way towards alleviating this problem and truly understanding which marketing efforts are working for your company, and which aren’t.

For example, the average business might be running some banners ads, an AdWords campaign, an SEO program, and some social media promotions. Which of these campaigns is most effective? Which is wasting money? By understanding how much traffic each campaign is driving, and how many sales result from this traffic, marketing efforts can be greatly optimized.

Understand Your Audience

Not all web traffic is created equal. If you’re a local business in Dallas, traffic from Canada probably isn’t going to help your bottom line. On the other hand, if you’re able to identify which visitors are most likely to become customers, you’ll be able to allocate your efforts towards online activities that really work.

You’ll also be able to understand how your customers use your website. Using metrics like bounce rate, time on site, pages/visit, and exit rate, you can get an accurate view of which parts of your website people love – and which parts they hate. Using this data, you can fix existing problems, and plan future strategies that will really work.

At Tech-Critic, we understand that a proper understanding of web analytics is crucial to the success of any online marketing program. That’s why web analytics services are built in to many of our other marketing services. To learn more about web analytics, and to see a sample report on the data you could be getting, please contact us today.