With the rising popularity of mobile devices and platforms for everyday use, it is no wonder why we have seen a surge in mobile marketing campaigns. Tech Critic is a North Texas company that offers a wide variety of services to help clients with all their design, development, networking, and marketing needs. This is not limited to, but certainly includes, mobile marketing solutions and strategy. Having a clear, cohesive, and effective mobile marketing plan in place is key, especially when it comes to staying ahead of or in line with competitors. Whether you are a large brand or a small business, having a company like Tech Critic manage your mobile marketing strategy will enable you to focus on the operation and success of your company.

What is Mobile Marketing?

mobile-marketing-solutionsBefore we can adequately come up with a strong mobile marketing campaign that will fit your company goals and aspirations, it is important all of our clients understand what, exactly, mobile marketing is. A fairly straightforward answer, mobile marketing is advertising or marketing that uses a smartphone or tablet. One of the most common forms of this is mobile advertising, which is the practice in which advertisers pay to offer and sell their services on a developer’s mobile application in order to generate traffic and engage a specific audience. The key to mobile marketing is the demographics, and it is a very location sensitive service. Mobile marketing strategy hones in a particular group of people and then uses personalized information to promote goods, services, and concepts. As an experienced mobile marketing solutions agency, Tech Critic will work to help develop the best plan for your company that will zero in on your desired audience. Additionally, mobile marketing is a great tool to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, and up attendance to specific events and locations.

What We Do

The mobile platform is one that is growing and rising in popularity, which is why it has become such a hotspot for marketing and advertising campaigns. However, because it is a relatively new sector that has yet to be overused, there is plenty of room for growth and success for a wide variety of companies. Some of the most common forms of mobile marketing include:

  • Text messaging campaigns
  • Mobile web development
  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Bluetooth broadcasting

Using either one of these means or a combination is a surefire way to get your brand name out there and bring customers in. Enlisting the services of a knowledgeable mobile marketing company such as Tech Critic is a smart move, largely because we are familiar with the field and have the tools to make it work. Mobile marketing is a great marketing strategy, especially when used in conjunction with other components of design or development, such as mobile app or website building. Because mobile is still a unique and intriguing platform, it offers a great means for traditional methods of marketing to be given a new twist.