The legal industry is one of the most competitive online verticals. Law firms compete aggressively across many different digital marketing channels to acquire new customers and bring in profitable cases from qualified prospects.

The legal industry is so competitive, that in fact many legal keywords are among Google’s most expensive AdWords clicks – with prices sometimes rising above $100 for a single click!

If you’re an attorney in Dallas or anywhere in the surrounding DFW region, this means that you need to make a strong online effort in order to stand out from the crowd. Just having a website isn’t enough – today’s lawyers and law firms looking to get found online need aggressive online marketing campaigns to survive and thrive in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

So how can law firms get found online? In many cases, the first and most effective digital marketing channel for attorneys in Dallas is Local SEO. This is because competing in the specifically local arena allows Dallas-based firms to get an edge against national law firms and major legal information websites.

By optimizing your firm’s web presence for your unique local keywords and service areas, even smaller firms have an amazing opportunity to capture traffic and leads from Google and other search engines. But how can law firms get started in Local SEO? See below for 3 key steps to a new local SEO campaign.

  • Build a Locally Optimized Website. Your website needs to be effective at targeting your target cities and service areas. This means having optimized title tags, meta descriptions, headings, image alternate text, and more. However, just keyword insertion isn’t enough – your site also needs to be modern, fast, and mobile-friendly. Many attorneys and law firms in Dallas are still using plain HTML websites developed years ago. The reality is, competing in the hotly contested lawyer-SEO space requires a modern and well-tuned website.
  • Claim Local Profiles. Just like any other local business, having well optimized local profiles is key to success in the Dallas legal services industry. This means that your business information needs to be current, correct, and complete on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and dozens of other local websites. While managing and maintaining all these local profiles is time consuming, it’s vital to achieving real results in local SEO.
  • Create New Content. A simple site with just a few pages about your practice and attorneys isn’t enough. Modern law firms have realized that getting leads and converting visitors means having real quality website content. This includes having rich pages describing your practice areas, as well as operating a regularly updated blog. However, it also includes off-site content efforts, such as social media marketing, creating press releases, and participating in the overall legal community online.

By following the steps above, lawyers and law firms in Dallas and the Texas DFW area can get started running an effective local SEO campaign. However, remember that those 3 steps don’t represent a complete overall online marketing campaign. You’ll also want to consider email marketing, PPC advertising, conversion rate optimization, and various other online marketing techniques.

If your firm is looking for help navigating the online marketing industry, the Tech-Critic team can help. With over 10 years of experience serving the Dallas legal community’s technology and marketing needs, no other agency is better equipped to help your firm succeed online. To learn more, contact our team today and get started generating new business for your law firm.