It’s no secret that ecommerce and online shopping are dramatically revolutionizing the global retail marketplace. Every year, a larger percentage of commerce takes place online, with a huge range of ecommerce sites thriving in the new digital marketplace.

However, with this huge growth comes increased competition. Online stores now have huge competitors like Amazon and to contend with, in addition to a growing number of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart investing heavily in ecommerce. This means that for smaller players and startups, an aggressive and focused online marketing effort is required to succeed online.

Just putting up an online store isn’t enough. Today, making an ecommerce website is easier than ever, yet carving out a chunk of the digital landscape can often be a monumental task. Digital marketing is the foundation of ecommerce success.

For ecommerce entrepreneurs in Dallas, navigating the complex online marketing landscape can seem daunting. The digital arena seems to change on a daily basis, and it really is a full time job to keep up with the industry. However at the same time, ecommerce must also balance many other responsibilities like customer service, supplier relationships, website maintenance, and more. If you’re in the position of building an online marketing strategy for your Dallas-based ecommerce store, keep the following fundamentals in mind:

  • Carve out a unique niche. For ecommerce startups, nothing is more important than defining a unique and defensible niche. The market for an online general store has already been cornered by Amazon and other hugely scaled competitors. Smaller stores need to pick a vertical that is underserved by the big boxes, and build an ecommerce presence that offers something unique. When planning or refining your ecommerce marketing strategy, be sure to pick a niche that you can stand a realistic chance of dominating.
  • Build a brand. If you want consumers to choose your store over a more established competitor, you’ve got to have a compelling brand. A brand tells consumers that you care about your industry, that your business has something unique to offer, and that you can be trusted to fill orders with quality products and fast service. It’s critically important to have a voice for your company that goes beyond the basics, and makes your company stand out. Building a brand means having a unique and memorable name and domain, having a company personality that resonates with your audience, and sharing your brand’s values in places that consumers are active, like social media and blogs.
  • Invest in quality content. Too many online stores simply put up standard product descriptions from manufacturers and don’t bother adding unique value beyond the basics. When you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, this type of thin content just isn’t enough. Not to mention that to achieve success in ecommerce SEO, you need unique content for Google to consider ranking your domain above larger competitors. Online stores should develop unique and informative descriptions for products and categories, that are well optimized for search, but also convey your brand and voice to consumers. Additionally, developing content resources like a blog or article area is key to SEO performance as well as building user engagement and trust.

These points above represent some of the building blocks of ecommerce marketing success. However, they are just the beginning. Other ecommerce tactics include conversion rate optimization, PPC campaigns and PPC optimization, and of course, search engine optimization, which is fundamental to online success in any industry.

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