The growth of the Internet and online marketing industry has impacted nearly every industry, and the medical field is no exception. More and more, consumers are researching doctors and medical professionals online, and those practices which aim to acquire new patients must be active on the web in order to find and convert searchers into clients.

Although many doctors would prefer to focus on their patients and providing quality healthcare, the reality is that today all business owners need to be marketers as well. And while word of mouth and trusted patient relationships might still be the best marketing a doctor can have, still the need for a quality website and overall web presence has never been greater when it comes to the medical profession and medical marketing.

If you’re a doctor or medical professional in Dallas, you know that competition for patients can be fierce. With rising healthcare costs and an economy that is still struggling to keep up, patients continue to expect compassionate and effective healthcare. Medical professionals need to use the web to reach potential patients and communicate their expertise in a way that is seen as trustworthy by healthcare consumers.

So what can doctors and health clinics in Dallas do to improve their web presence and attract new patients? Consider the following steps to begin an effective online marketing campaign for your healthcare practice.

  • Create a website users can trust. When it comes to the health and medical marketplace, trust is the ultimate asset. Too many doctors have outdated sites that are thin on content and look old and rusty. Potential patients need to feel that you and your clinic are modern, reliable, certified, and compassionate. Your website should be built to reflect these values. By including web assets like doctor profiles, patient testimonials, and membership and certification logos, you can start to create a website that communicates your experience and professionalism. If you think that your website doesn’t speak to the authority and integrity of your practice, it’s time for a redesign.
  • Leverage the web to add value for patients. Many doctor’s websites do not contain nearly enough content or functionality. You need more than just a few blurbs about your practice and a contact page. Potential patients will be looking for detailed information about the services your medical clinic provides, the backgrounds of your staff, and the philosophy and mission of your overall practice. Beyond that, current patients will appreciate printable online forms, detailed insurance information, the ability to book and manage appointments online, and other such functionality. Your website should be more than just a brochure for your practice – it should be a tool by which your firm leverages the power of the Internet to bring value to patients and prospects.
  • Take steps to get found online. While the above website development steps are critical, just having a website isn’t enough. Your medical practice needs to actively engage in online marketing to get found above your competitors. This means starting a local SEO campaign, considering an investment in PPC campaigns like Google AdWords, and developing a presence on social media. The more aggressively you pursue these online marketing channels, the more potential patients you can reach.

Like we’ve said above, the emergence of the web is changing every industry dramatically. While the business of healthcare is perhaps the oldest and most vital professional practice, doctors still need to engage technology and the internet for their practices to grow and thrive.

If you’re a doctor, health clinic, or other medical practitioner, getting started with a modern approach to online marketing could be one of the most valuable activities your firm can undertake. And if you’re looking for help along the way, the team at Tech-Critic can help. With more than 10 years of experience providing technology consulting to Dallas-based doctors, we are the DFW’s only leader in medical SEO and online marketing. Contact us today to learn more.