Dentistry is one of the fields best positioned to leverage online marketing strategies. Why? One important reason is that dentists have huge lifetime customer value, far beyond that of many other industries. As a dentist, when you acquire a patient, you know that if that patient is happy with your practice, they could continue as a client for years or even decades to come. This value is even greater when you consider the potential for acquiring complete families as clients, which can be done sometimes from a single lead.

Of course, the statements above won’t be new information for experienced dentists. What is new however, is the way in which patients are seeking out a new dentist or dental specialist. The days of Yellow Pages and other printed directories are fading fast. Today, customers are more likely to search Google or browse Yelp than page through a printed resource.

While some dental practices have been quick to adapt to the shifting landscape of online marketing, many other dentists are falling behind. Today more than ever, it’s crucial for dental practices to aggressively market themselves online in order to compete for new patients. And although many dentists might agree that they’re falling behind online, most simply don’t have the time to research complex online marketing strategies while also managing a practice and caring for their patients. If you find yourself in that position, consider the simple strategies below for marketing your dental practice online.

  • Get mobile ready. When it comes to researching a new dentist, more and more of consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets as their primary research tool. That means that if you’re dental website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing out on a new generation of potential patients. It is absolutely fundamental that any dental practice seeking new patients be ready with a mobile optimized website that serves effective and compelling content on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more.
  • Manage your reputation. For patients looking for a new dentist, online reputation is one of the most important factors that influences decision making. For your dental practice, that means that claiming and optimizing your business on key review sites like Yelp and Google Local is critical. And once you’ve established good profiles, it’s important to take further steps to manage reviews. if you’ve gotten a negative review on Yelp, you need to understand that this isn’t just some random comment – it’s a business issue that could be costing you thousands of dollars. When you get a bad review, take action quickly. Contact the user that left the review and try to make amends. If a resolution isn’t possible, respond in a way that is positive, confident, and conciliatory. Taking these simple steps will go a long way to improving your digital reputation.
  • Invest in Local SEO. Perhaps the most critical online marketing channel for dentists is local SEO. The simple truth is that getting your practice into the first page of Google for your target market is the single best way to leverage the web to acquire new patients. Of course, this is easier said than done – local SEO is a complex process that involves technical website optimization, effective local link building, and a range of other digital strategies. However, for those dentists and dental practices that can make this investment effectively, the rewards can be massive.

If you can take the steps above and apply them aggressively, you and your practice will be well positioned to grow and improve using the power of online marketing. The marketing landscape for dentists has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, and those firms which can capitalize on these changes stand to come out on top of the digital revolution.

If you’re a dentist in the DFW area looking to modernize your marketing practices, the team at Tech-Critic can help. With more than 10 years of experience providing medical marketing and technology services to Dallas and surrounding cities, we understand the unique needs, goals, and strategies for marketing dentistry practices online. Contact us today to learn more.