Today’s mobile workers and consumers demand constant, high-quality connectivity through cell phones and mobile devices. In the modern office environment, virtually all workers possess a smartphone, and these connected workers, as well as their employers, benefit greatly from constant wireless connectivity.

in-building-solutionsHowever, many buildings may be poor environments for wireless connections. Building architecture and design decisions may inadvertently prevent workers from using wireless devices effectively. Workers may complain of dropped calls, poor data connections, or simply lack of network availability.

In-Building wireless solutions are the answer to these challenges. By equipping buildings with networking technologies designed to distribute and amplify existing signals, buildings of any size can obtain complete connectivity.

Tech-Critic brings a complete, end-to-end approach towards in-building wireless solutions. We are able to assist in every step of the process, from diagnosing existing issues, to planning new solutions, implementation, testing, maintenance, and optimization.

Our team of expert networking consultants bring years of practical experience, as well as industry leading equipment, and a strong background in networking theory and best-practices.

We support all major wireless technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, HSPA+, iDEN, EVDO, GPRS, and TDMA. Our expert team of consultants is here to assist you with complete in-building solutions, for any networking challenge and any size of organization.