The constant changes in technical infrastructure, user demand, topology, and many other factors all cause shifting wireless network performance that must be continually reviewed for optimal performance.

drive-test-servicesTech-Critic’s drive testing services allow carriers and wireless providers to understand network performance across a broad area and customer segment. By maintaining a team of mobile network engineers and equipment, Tech-Critic can provide complete network drive testing services across wide regions and service areas.

Our team provides drive testing for a broad range of needs. We are able to test the performance of newly launched networks, diagnose challenges experienced by existing networks, and attempt to reproduce issues reported by customers or other diagnostic tools.

We provide services aimed at network benchmarking, quality monitoring and analysis, as well as troubleshooting and optimization. Our drive test equipment is state-of-the-art, and can collect information including Signal intensity, Signal quality, Interference, Dropped calls, Service level statistics, QoS information, Neighboring cell information, and more.