Since the birth of the web, banner advertising has allowed brands and businesses to get their message out to the digital masses. Today, powered by sophisticated modern technologies, display advertising continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry and a powerful medium for businesses to reach potential customers.

display-advertisingDisplay advertising, also known as banner advertising, allows businesses to buy visual ads on popular and relevant websites. It is a powerful way to convey a creative message to an audience of your potential customers, and one of the best ways to raise brand awareness online.

Put Your Business in Front of Your Audience

Every business owner knows basically what audience they are trying to reach. Moms, college students, retirees – whatever it might be, you business has a target audience. Display advertising is an ideal way to reach this targeted audience. By selecting websites that you know your prospects visit, you can project your brand directly onto your target demographic.

Display advertising also offers powerful local and location-based targeting options. An owner of a local restaurant, for example, could create a display advertising campaign that only targets users within a 20 mile radius of their restaurant. By combining demographics targeting with geotargeting, local business owners can reach a hyper-relevant audience of local consumers.

The Power of Retargeting

One of the most powerful features of display advertising is a strategy called retargeting. This is a system that allows businesses to specifically display banner ads to users that have already visited their websites.

Retargeting is so powerful because a person who has already visited your website is much more likely to convert than just a random web users. That user is already aware of your brand, and so a few well-placed display ads might be all they need to become a paying customer. Retargeting is a very effective and powerful way to generate a strong ROI from display advertising – and is widely used by many of the web’s leading brands.

Tech-Critic offers a full-service display advertising solution. We’ll work with you to build a media plan, develop creative, and traffic, manage, and optimize your campaign. To learn more about the power of display advertising and retargeting, please contact us today.