Bringing Your Business Online

web development agency dallas texasYour build your business. We’ll build the website. At Tech-Critic, our team of passionate developers and software experts are focused on creating your digital empire. Today’s digital consumer has high expectations for the websites they visit. Speed, compatibility, usability, and functionality all influence modern buying decisions. We’re here to translate your goals into the digital world.

Tech-Critic is a full-service digital agency providing web design, development, application programming, and custom web software to businesses in Dallas and around the world. Our staff of expert coders have years of experience in creating engaging and effective digital experiences for businesses large and small.

Deep Digital Expertise

Since 2003, hundreds of businesses have trusted our technical team to create websites and software applications that solve business challenges. If you’re looking for a new website, a custom web application, or an internal software solution, our software development experts can help meet your business needs with technology. Specific Tech-Critic solutions include,

Our projects have included custom-built websites, complex ecommerce solutions, unique web applications, and thousands of lines of custom code. Through every project, we focus on understanding your business goals and using technology to achieve real results.

Part of what makes us unique is our focus on providing a full-service experience. We’re not an outsourced software shop blindly cranking out code. We’re committed to understanding your business and creating web applications that solve your challenges and delight your customers.

Clients have trusted Tech-Critic with complex technical projects including ecommerce inventory management systems, unique user engagement tools, lead generation systems, custom mobile applications, and more. For every project, we’ve taken the time to not just write great code, but help clients build a great business online.

A Mobile-First Philosophy

For more than a decade, we’ve seen the digital landscape evolve with incredible speed. Recently, the emergence of smartphones and other mobile devices has created a tectonic shift in the way customers interact with businesses online. At Tech-Critic, we’ve embraced this trend, and we’re proud to offer mobile development solutions that will help bring your business into the next generation of connectivity.

We offer a rich suite of mobile development services including,

  • Mobile-Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Mobile App Development for iPhone and Android
  • Powerful Mobile Marketing Solutions
  • and more…

Our web development team is passionate about mobile development and usability. As we’ve seen many clients’ mobile traffic grow into 50+% of overall web visits, we understand the critical role that mobile plays in overall digital strategy. Working with Tech-Critic means working with a partner that has mobile strategy in mind every step of the way.

Proud to Call Texas Home

Tech-Critic is proud to have served the DFW community in North Texas for more than a decade. We’ve been an active member of our community, built life-long relationships, and created jobs in the state that we love. We’re proud to be neighbours with many of our clients in cities like Dallas, Richardson, Fort Worth, Arlington, and many others.

We’re also excited about our growth outside of Texas. This new digital economy has enabled us to work with clients and partners all over the United States and around the world. Whether you’re right next door, or across the globe, Tech-Critic is proud to be your web development partner. Contact us today to learn more.