In this digital age, there’s still a valuable role for printed media. Moving your message into the printed channels allows you to reach more people in more places. At Tech-Critic, we provide a range of print design services that allow you to spread your brand, your message, and your promotions to a local audience of relevant consumers.

Our print design services include,

  • Flyers and handouts
  • Advertising creative for print magazines and newspapers
  • Banners, billboards, and posters
  • Business cards
  • Branded merchandize like coffee cups, keychains, and more
  • Custom out-of-home design projects

Working with Tech-Critic, you’ll be working with a team of design and media experts with over 10 years of experience in developing effective marketing creative across dozens of powerful media channels.

You’ll also be working with a partner that has hundreds of satisfied customers all across Dallas and throughout the United States. Since 2003, Tech-Critic has been proudly providing print design services that turn heads and make phones ring. We’re your partner for print marketing success.

Digital and Print Integration

Tech-Critic isn’t a copy-shop. We’re a full-service digital agency focused on generating real business results from unique and strategic marketing efforts. When you work with us, we’ll help you integrate your print and digital efforts into a holistic marketing strategy that will reach more people with a better message.

Digital and print can interact in many effective ways. For example, linking print to online channels can allow you to obtain substantially more ROI from your existing print efforts. Custom landing pages and technologies like QR codes can help you measure the effectiveness of your print efforts and track sales and leads from print channels.

In all marketing efforts, consistency is key. Ensuing consistent branding, messaging, and tone across online and printed media is critical to establishing a strong identity in the mind of your customer. Working with an integrated, full-service partner like Tech-Critic will allow you to project a consistent brand presence wherever a customer might be looking.

The Foundations of Good Design

Whether you’re designing a banner ad for the web, or a bus stop billboard, the basic principles of design are the same. You need to understand your audience, position your brand effectively in their minds, and present a compelling offer.

Working with Tech-Critic, you won’t just get a pretty design. You’ll get a complete media strategy. We’ll work with you to understand your customers, your brand, and your industry to build a media message that looks good and really works to drive business results.

Let’s Get Printing

If you’re looking for print design services and strategy, we’re here to help. Since 2003, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses all across Dallas and the DFW area to develop successful print marketing strategies. To learn more, please contact us today.