Tech-Critic leads the industry in providing a range of wireless networking services. Our team of consultants combine practical industry expertise with a strong understanding of theory and best-practices. Tech-Critic operates with the latest networking technologies and brings a complete and modern networking service offering to the marketplace.

Our core services include

  • core-servicesNetwork Provisioning. Network provisioning is a key component of any provider’s business operations. Tech-Critic brings comprehensive experience in launching, migrating, and optimizing networks, across the complete range of infrastructure and end-points. We can assist in all stages of network provisioning, from design and planning, to hardware management, deployment, and user access configuration.
  • Transport Network Services. Tech-Critic assists clients in many aspects of transport network design and optimization. By understanding a client’s existing network, diagnosing issues, and discovering optimization opportunities, Tech-Critic clients see reduced transport network costs, as well as increased performance and reliability.
  • IP Solutions and Services. Managing an existing IP network, or migrating towards an IP-based network, can present major challenges for an organization. However IP networks also offer substantial benefits in the way of security, flexibility, and reliability. Tech-Critic’s expert IP networking consultants can help your organization leverage the benefits of IP-based networking while avoiding common pitfalls and excess costs.