Modern web copy has to accomplish many things at once. You want your content to contain real information that gets your point across. You also want to write in an engaging style, that matches the tone your users expect. You’ve also got to hit SEO objectives in your copy – it doesn’t matter how well written it is, if no one can find it!

copywritingBalancing all these objectives can be challenging. However, for brands that can effectively find a balance, the rewards can be substantial. Despite all of our technological advances, we still ultimately communicate ideas through words.

Blogging, Article Marketing, and More

For businesses that can create good copy, there are a huge range of potential applications. Blogging is one key activity that leverages the value of copy to tremendous results. A well written blog accomplishes many goals – it establishes you as an expert in a field, it helps build a community around your brand, and it offers SEO benefits as well.

Beyond blogging, having a solid base of informative articles is also hugely valuable. Making your website a useful resource for prospective consumers will yield huge benefits in conversion rate and user trust. When you also consider marketing activities like white papers and ebooks, the value of written marketing materials becomes clear.

Copywriting for your Business

There are a few specific applications for copywriting that many business owners will understand. Anyone operating an ecommerce website knows that typically, product descriptions are provided by manufacturers, and are used by many different retails. Having unique product descriptions would be an amazing way to stand out, and would be great for SEO – but who has time to write thousands of unique descriptions?

Another common example would be a local business or service provider, such as a plumber, doctor, or dentist. The reality is that most professional’s websites pretty much look the same, with a few basic pages about the business. The average dentist could really differentiate himself from the competition by having a few dozen great articles or blog posts about key issues from his practice. However, finding the time for hours of writing while also running a practice won’t be easy.

Both of the cases above are examples of past Tech-Critic clients who have used our copywriting services. To learn more about our services, and get a quote for your copywriting project, please contact us today.