You’re already getting traffic – but are you making sales? Conversion rate optimization works by carefully analyzing how your website works, how people use it, and what you can do to convert more visitors into customers.

conversion-rate-optimizationMost businesses devote the vast majority of their online marketing budget towards acquiring new traffic. However, once they’ve acquired that traffic, businesses tend to stop optimizing! This can be a huge waste of resources.

Conversion rate optimization works by studying your website, and testing individual website elements, to see how changes can impact user behavior. Something simple like the size of a headline or color of a button and often make a big change in how users interact with your site.

The Power of Testing

Conversion rate optimization hinges on testing, and today, many powerful tools exist that allow business owners to perform both A/B and multivariate testing on their websites. Popular tools include Google Website Optimizer, Visual Website Optimizer, and Optimizely.

By using these tools effectively, you can perform accurate and rigorous tests of your website and landing page, and figure out how even small changes can make a big bottom-line impact. Gone are the days of making design decisions based on what the CEO likes – now, we have data!

Double Your Marketing Performance

Can conversion rate optimization really double your marketing performance? It’s possible! Especially for businesses that have not made much effort to improve or optimize website performance in the past.

For an average company spending a few thousand dollars a month on PPC and SEO programs, marketing managers might be looking to increase performance by only a few percentage points each month. But if you can double your conversion rate, literally every dollar spent on any online marketing program is now worth 2.

At Tech-Critic, we consider some investment in conversion rate optimization a critical element of any major traffic acquisition campaign. We’ve managed CRO campaigns using many of the major technologies, and we’re confident that effective CRO strategies will lend major gains to many campaigns. To learn more, please contact us.