Content is king! In today’s increasingly crowded web, brands and businesses need truly excellent content in order to stand out from the crowd.

content-marketingIn the old days of the web, it was enough to simply put up a basic website, include a few keywords, and you’d generate some traffic. Today, many regions and niches are so competitive, that businesses need to really have something unique online to get noticed.

Content marketing can make the difference between an average, dull company, and a company that’s known as a leader and winning brand online. Content marketing can take many forms – blogging, videos, infographics, articles, studies, and so forth. By suiting the message and medium to your audience, you can build trust and authority and drive more traffic.

Understand Your Audience

A crucial component of content marketing is understanding your audience. Different businesses will have success using extremely different styles and tones, so it is crucial to understand who your target customer is, and what sort of content they want to view.

Competitive and industry analysis can often be a very valuable tool in pursuit of this goal. By looking at the top sites in your niche and demographic, you can get a great sense of what your target audience is already viewing. Looking at direct competitors can also be a critical activity in determining what to publish.

Choose Your Medium

A common mistake in content marketing is trying to “be everywhere.” The reality is that there are far too many online channels and communities to cover within a single campaign – and this is especially true for smaller companies.

Instead, a content marketing campaign should choose one format – such as a video series – and focus on one or two targeted and effective ways to promote this series. In content marketing, the quality of your content and the fit to the community are the keys to success.

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