Cloud computing is quickly becoming the most popular and efficient way for for businesses to store information and communicate between computers. Basically a virtual server accessible over the internet, cloud computing is an updated way for computers and mobile devices to communicate with one another, and it requires no hardware or software. As a North Texas cloud computing company, Tech Critic will work with you to make the transition to a cloud app as streamlined as possible.

cloud-computingCloud computing solutions will eliminate the headache that comes with a traditional server, largely because it is completely virtual and accessible from anywhere. Our cloud computing consultants will work with you closely to approach the cloud strategically, and with your business objectives in mind. While each cloud computing solution will look different for each particular business, it is all with the same end goal. Improving the operation of your business and the technology used for said operation will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your company. However, finding the ideal cloud solution may be challenging, which is were Tech Critic comes in. Depending on your industry, business model, previous and existing technologies, and user base, we will be able to implement a cloud computing server that will best fit your needs. We are committed to developing secure and reliable cloud-hosted infrastructures for all our clients, and we do see with an expertly trained team of cloud computing consultants.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that increases capacity and adds capabilities without the need for hardware or software behind your actual device. Essentially the access of an organized server by means of a computer, tablet, or smartphone, cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate. Cloud computing applications allow users to simply open a browser and log in, then begin using it. What this means for businesses is that designated users can securely access a variety of apps from any location. From customer relationship management and human resources applications to accounting, the options are endless.

What We Do

Since Tech Critic is a cloud computing company, we will be with you step-by-step throughout the transition process. Our team of consultants will streamline the way your business is run and you are able to access information. Running your business on the cloud is actually relatively simple, but the process of getting there can be more complex. Because cloud computing affects more not just the technology being used for your business but all the way your company runs overall, it is important to bring in outside help from our consultants. We will provide you with a strategic roadmap of our process as well as for the updates that will need to take place down the line, allowing you to plan for the future.