Why PPC Is Your Law Firms Case Winner

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Pay-Per-Click-PPC-For-Lawyers-Tech-Critic-Digital-Marketing-AgencyWhen it comes to finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business, it can be hard to know where to start. From social media to SEO, blogging, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and everything in-between, your options are truly endless. One of the first steps to figuring out which route you should go is to sit down and write down what you hope to accomplish through your digital marketing plan. For some business owners, the goal is simply to drive website traffic and reach a wide audience, whereas some have more centralized goals. There is no wrong way to go when it comes to choosing a digital marketing strategy, you must simply figure out what will work best for you and help you get the results you are looking for.

As we mentioned, businesses of all different shapes, sizes, and industries can benefit from a strong digital marketing campaign. For today’s purposes, we are going to look at lawyers, specifically, and why they should consider a smart PPC campaign. Again, there are TONS of different options when it comes to marketing your business, product, or service online, so this is not to say that PPC is the only route to go for lawyers – or anyone else, for that matter. However, many lawyers have discovered that PPC advertising is an extremely effective way to generate leads and reach a local audience.

Why PPC?

One of the biggest mistakes law firms make when it comes to advertising online is not having a focused strategy. Because your law office may practice numerous different types of law (from personal injury and worker’s comp to bad drug cases and juvenile crimes), it can be hard to pinpoint the strongest and most useful keywords. If this is your problem, we recommend taking a step back and thinking about which types of cases produce the most revenue for your firm, or which you are hoping to expand and focus on in the coming year. This will give you a good place to start and help you from getting too overwhelmed when first launching a digital marketing campaign.

With the above point in mind, let’s look at PPC and why this is such a wonderful strategy for lawyers. PPC advertising allows you to hone in on a few important areas, working to find leads and attain high search results. It is important to note that PPC is not an organic approach, so it may behoove you to consider a dual campaign that includes both organic and paid reach. OK, back to the topic at hand. A carefully thought out and managed PPC advertising campaign is a great solution for lawyers, whether you are hoping to land local personal injury cases or national bad drug litigation.

PPC works by ‘bidding’ on keyword phrases that are important to your specific audience. Once implemented, a PPC ad will show on websites and at the top of Google search results, for example. It is no secret that the law field is extremely competitive, which is why it is important to have the upper hand whenever possible. With a results-driven and focused PPC campaign, you will be able to get in front of the exact audience you need, whomever that may be.

How Tech-Critic Can Help

As a successful Dallas digital marketing agency, we have worked with businesses in all different industries. When it comes to finding the right marketing strategy, we will sit down with you and make sure we are all on the same page. This also gives us a chance to get to know the client and determine what their overall goal is with their online advertising approach. For lawyers, we have found that a well-thought out PPC campaign gets the best results. Like we said, this form of marketing allows us to target people looking for a specific service, which is ideal for lawyers. To learn more about our PPC services or to schedule a consultation with Tech-Critic, please contact us today.

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