Why Online Reviews Matter – The Good and The Bad

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why-online-reviews-matter-the-good-and-the-bad-tech-criticOnline reviews are one of the most important aspects of marketing to hit business in some years. In fact, they are the most crucial element for anyone who is trying to stay on top of their online reputation. Since the Internet became a staple in our society, reviewing has completely transformed the way businesses are run and managed. Reviews – the good and the bad – provide business owners with insight as to how they are being publicly perceived. Like it or not, they are honest feedback and give customers the opportunity to create a relationship with a specific business.

There are many reasons why online reviews are so important for businesses. Any in touch business owners knows that online reviews are critical to the success – or lack thereof – of your business. You’ve probably gotten phone calls and business based on online reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp. And unfortunately, you may have lost a customer or two over the years simply based on another person’s opinion. It is imperative to understand that both positive and negative online reviews play a role. Given the increase in reviews and their importance, Google has implemented stricter review guidelines. Business owners are often looking for ways to remove negative reviews, and while in many cases there is nothing you can do because of Google’s review guidelines, there are a few negative reviews that Google will remove:

  • Illegal and racist reviews against a business or school
  • Negative reviews for similar businesses
    • These are removed because it is unlikely the reviewer went to all of the businesses and had a bad experience
  • Fake accounts created just to leave poor reviews
  • Competitor leaving negative reviews of another business
  • Ex-employees leaving negative reviews of their former employer/business
  • Reviews left with malicious intent
  • Negative reviews left as a result of a media incident

These are just a few examples of negative reviews that Google will remove. They are cracking down on removals and paying closer attention to reviews in general, so it is important to pay attention to what people are saying about you online.

Why Are Online Reviews Important? 

Online reviews have become a bridge between word-of-mouth recommendations and an online form of feedback. Not only do they provide great insight, but they can help increase brand awareness and work towards increasing profit and business flow in the long run. In order to truly understand the importance of online reviews, we have a few eye-opening facts for you to take in:

  • 90% of people say they check out a business online before they do anything else
  • 88% of people trust online reviews
  • It has been proven that online reviews lead to increased sales
  • 72% of people say they will only give brands with positive reviews their business
  • Online reviews help potential customers better understand your brand

If you need help with your online reviews or would like to learn more about why they are a must for businesses, please contact Tech-Critic today.

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