Why Custom Websites are Better than Template Websites - Tech Critic

Why Custom Websites are Better than Template Websites

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Template Websites May Be Cheaper But Offer Fewer BenefitsWhy Custom Websites are Better than Template Websites - Tech Critic

The days of promoting your business have changed drastically over the years. With the growth of the internet, most businesses have made it a priority to make their presence felt online. Many businesses already have a website created for their company. However, the digital world advances at such an unprecedented rate that many sites are outdated.

Businesses are constantly trying to improve themselves. Once they have decided to invest in a new website, the question that remains is whether to invest in a custom-built website or settle for a template one. Your company’s budget, brand, and timeline will all have an impact on what is chosen. However, custom websites offer you more benefits than template sites.

Template Websites 

In today’s world, you don’t have to be a coding genius to create a website anymore. Someone with no experience using CSS or HTML can create a website using templates. There are several sites on the internet where you can purchase a template and apply it to your business.

These sites typically come with a host of built-in features, but, unfortunately, many of these features may not fit your brand and will weigh down your site, leading to low load speed and poor SEO performance.


  • The time it takes to develop your site is much faster than creating a custom site.
  • Template sites are far cheaper upfront than custom websites.
  • These sites do not require mastery over coding languages like CSS or HTML.


  • The majority of templates are not SEO friendly.
  • There may be lots of other businesses using the same template as you, which means your site will not stand out.
  • Templates limit the amount of customization your site may have.
  • Not all templates are responsive on all devices. Having your site optimized for mobile will greatly improve your site’s performance.
  • Templates do not have good support systems.

Custom Websites

When a business decides to create a custom-built website, they usually reach out to a web design team to create it. A creative process will be started so that the team designing your site will have a much better understanding of your business, target audience, products or services, the function of your site, and how you want your identity online to look.

A custom-built site works with search engines far better than templates. They are optimized to allow Google and other search engines to read each page, giving users a more relevant search result. As with template sites, there are plenty of pros and cons to custom ones.


  • Custom sites have unique designs that incorporate your branding, helping your site stand out from the rest.
  • These sites allow you to have plenty of flexibility to add features that fit your needs and brand.
  • There is a level of scalability that allows custom websites to grow as your business grows.
  • Custom sites are SEO friendly and are tested across all browsers.
  • They have strong support as the company that built your site will be there when they are needed.


  • Custom sites take far longer to develop than templates. The complexity of the project means there needs to be more time committed to the site to ensure it is correct.
  • The budget for custom sites is also far larger than that of templates. 

While the upfront cost of a custom website is considerably larger than templates and take longer to develop, there is no denying their benefits. Your website must have a high SEO ranking to improve your business, and template sites cannot help with that. The level of flexibility and scalability that custom sites offer allows you to create a website uniquely designed for your business and its needs. Tech Critic knows what is needed to expertly craft a custom site. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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