Why content writing is crucial

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why-content-writing-is-crucial-tech-criticMaybe you have gotten down some of the most talked about digital marketing techniques. Maybe you have upped your social media game, designed an awesome website, and signed up for a Google My Business account… but what is a super crucial digital marketing strategy that we think you need to implement? Content writing. Alright, I’m sure you have heard about it, and maybe you have pushed it to the back of your mind, not thinking that it is that useful or that necessary of a digital marketing tool. But, the truth is, it is an extremely useful tool to aid in growing your business, by increasing your website traffic, and most importantly, your conversion rates.

So, what all does it got to do with? Maybe you’ve heard of a little something we call SEO, or, search engine optimization. As SEO campaigns have come into existence, they have evolved from using various spam-like techniques to actually-useful ones, ones that work off of algorithms that promote a business’s website for the right reasons. Why? By the use of these algorithms, people can actually obtain useful information that is helpful and relevant to what they are looking for. Google has a very upheld and respected reputation to maintain, and part of that means they don’t mess around when it comes to what people see in their search rankings; otherwise, users would, well, stop using. So, how can you obtain the best SEO results? By gaining Google’s trust. How can you gain Google’s trust? Well, one of the ways is to push for high-quality content on your website. And what is one of the ways you can push for high-quality content on your website? Invest in a content writer for the blog featured on your site.

A key point to remember in the world of digital marketing, is that we have come into a time where people truly value quality over quantity; and this goes for the content on your website. Regardless of how a visitor gets to your site, whether they found you in a search via the key words used in your blog, whether they clicked a link on another site, or typed in your unique URL, what is so important, is that once they get to your site they stick around. And what makes them stick around? Quality content. And what is a huge part of your quality content? The content writing in the blog section of your site. People like valuable information, they like to be informed. Not only does utilizing good content writing on your site draw in interested readers, but if you have quality content, it gives the viewer the initial feeling that you are a business they can trust, a knowledgeable, caring, and credible business.

Overall, what should be taken from this, is that content writing is one of your most useful tools when it comes to digital marketing, because it encompasses two huge factors and reaches two extremely important goals within your digital marketing plans… it draws people in, and makes them stick around.

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