Why Buying Instagram Likes is a Bad Idea

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why-buying-instagram-likes-is-a-bad-idea-tech-criticOne of the problems with the era we exist in is the contradicting information we are constantly receiving from different directions about how to properly engage in digital marketing tactics. One of these contradictory pieces of “advice” has to do with buying Instagram likes or followers for your account to increase your traffic and business success. Well, today we are going to talk to you about why buying Instagram likes is actually a bad idea…

Why buying Instagram likes may seem like a good idea…

Instagram success is largely dependent upon engagement – likes and comments. In fact, Instagram’s latest algorithm makes its decisions based on the engagement of a post. Therefore, if your post isn’t getting any engagement, then Instagram doesn’t really consider it relevant enough to show in terms of ranking, timeline, hashtags, and the explore page.

With this in mind, it may seem like the most obvious solution is buying likes; but is it really an adequate solution? Unfortunately not. Remember, we aren’t trying to tell you that likes are bad – just the ones you pay for. The truth is that as a marketing strategy, organic likes are the only ones that will truly bring you Instagram success. Surprisingly enough, buying Instagram likes can actually backfire and decrease your engagement levels.

Why buying Instagram likes [etc.] actually isn’t a good idea… 

#1 People will catch on to the lack of authenticity

It isn’t that difficult for people to catch on when an account is buying likes. There are several giveaways when it comes to figuring out this lack of authenticity. If a real user notices your amount of [lower-end] followers to [higher-end] likes ratio, they will likely realize that something is not adding up. It also isn’t difficult to click on your likes and discover that they are not real accounts. Fakeness leads to feelings of distrust and belief of low quality, and this isn’t something you want people to think of your brand.

#2 Fake accounts don’t turn into real customers

It’s as simple as that. Fake likes aren’t real likes, fake followers aren’t real followers, so technically this doesn’t translate to real customers.

#3 Even auto bots that work in your favor, don’t work in your favor

The problem here once again is lack of authenticity. It is pretty easy for people to catch on to whether or not a comment is real or fake when they post a picture of their dog and auto-bot comments from your business account, “Great content, keep up the good work!” Now, it is true that not everyone will catch on, but a large majority will, and this fakeness turns people off to your company.

#4 Instagram could pick up on dishonest methods and deactivate your account

Instagram is smart enough to pick up on likes to followers ratios as well, and if they do discover involvement with many fake accounts, they may also assume you are fake or involved in dishonest tactics and deactivate your account.

#5 Instagram doesn’t only pay attention to likes

Just as Instagram can pick up on the likes to followers ratios as mentioned above, the algorithms will also use these ratios to determine the ranking of your posts on things such as explore pages, etc.

#6 Overall, it’s not a sustainable marketing strategy

The truth of the matter is that in the end, buying likes, etc., can actually end up decreasing your engagement as generally, the cons outweigh the pros.

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