What Type of Social Media Marketing is Best for Your Business? Paid or Organic?

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There continues to be a lot of information and debate out there regarding social media marketing and which tactic is best – paid or organic advertising. This is often a point of discussion amongst digital marketers and business owners alike, as it can be challenging to know where the strategic balance lies between the two. The first step to figuring out whether paid or organic marketing is the way to go is to understand the difference between the two. Each have distinctive advantages and work best when used in conjunction with one another. However, understanding the ins and outs of both paid and organic social media will help you a great deal.

Organic Social Media  

As you may be able to guess, organic social media is anything that happens on the various social media channels without paid promotion. For example, when you post a picture or an event to your Facebook page, but don’t pay for any advertising or additional reach, this is considered organic. These posts aren’t ‘boosted’ and don’t have the sponsored tag, which means any likes, comments, or views you get are based solely on organic reach. In a nutshell, organic social media is a non-ad. Organic social media aims to maintain a strong online presence for your brand, provide customers with information, and establish a bond with your customers. 

Paid Social Media

On the other hand, paid social media includes anything you spend advertising dollars on in order to promote. When you boost a post or pay Facebook ad fees in order to reach a wider audience, it is considered paid advertising. These posts will carry the sponsored tag and track interactions from followers and potential customers. Other examples of paid social media include lead generation forms, video ads, and ads optimized for clicks. When using paid advertising, make sure you have correctly targeted the right audience, are using the right device, and have split your budgets across various ad campaigns.

As you can see, organic and paid social media are quite different from one another. So how do you know which is best for your business? Generally speaking, we believe that both are beneficial, especially when used together. Unfortunately, organic posts on Facebook only reach about 2% of followers, which is where paid help comes in handy. While there are certain circumstances that may call for one over the other, it is best to use them both, strategically speaking. A solid social media marketing strategy will rely on your strong points with organic reach and use paid advertising to reach a wider audience and promote your business. The number one goal of any social media marketing campaign is to grow your online presence and drive traffic to your website, correct? Taking advantage of both social media advertising strategies is an excellent way to do this without breaking the bank. To learn more about which form of advertising – or both – is best for your business, please contact Tech-Critic today. As a Dallas social media marketing agency, we are here for all your advertising needs and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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