What Makes a Good Super Bowl Ad?

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What was your favorite Super Bowl LII Commercial?

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Super Bowl Sunday. How can it not be one of your most favorite Sundays of the year? With all the friends, the family, the food, the drinks, the amazingly creative, entertaining, and emotionally heightened advertisements, and oh yeah…the football. I’m sure that a lot of us could admit [although, we may not want to] that one of the main reasons we enjoy Super Bowl so much is because of the amazingly conducted advertisements. With all the soaring expectations of the people, companies have a lot on the table for this particular Sunday of the year. So, what is it about those ads that makes them so darn good? Whether we find ourselves crying, laughing, or standing up and cheering, there is just something about them that makes them extra great on this special day. So, let’s talk about it.

Entertainment plus promotion

One of the biggest reasons we enjoy Super Bowl ads so much more than everyday ads is because companies really aim to entertain us. Promotion is obviously largely important, but on this particular day, entertainment may be even more important. The thing is, in this particular scenario the entertainment and the promotion work goes hand and hand. Because people are expecting to be entertained, it is highly important that companies meet their audience’s desire for this entertainment. It is, of course, important that the company is also able to relate the promotion of the product alongside the entertaining storyline. With the entertainment of the ad, also comes the “props” that are then automatically assigned to the company or product, which in a sense also helps to complete part of the promotional aspect of the advertisement’s goals.

It’s all about emotion

Whether we like to admit it or not, most all of us like to have the emotional side of us triggered. Whether it is tears of joy, laughter, awe, surprise, or excitement, these are the types of emotions that we [subconsciously or not] expect companies to play with their Super Bowl ads. And we have to admit that we love it when they do.


One of the things that makes a Super Bowl ad so great, is that it stands out amongst the others, as well as standing out amongst its competitors of course. We expect to see something extraordinary on Super Bowl Sunday, and somehow each year, we’ve been pleasantly surprised. It could be assumed that this is where the hype began originating from in the first place.

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