What Exactly Makes a Good Website?

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Having a good website is a key factor to the success of many businesses now days. With the majority of operations being transformed into actions of the digital world, staying technologically up-to-date is necessary in order for a brand to thrive. With our world moving so quickly in the direction of digital, many consumers won’t even take a second look at a company who has a badly-done webpage. People will take into account whether or not a company has put in the time and effort to host a well-done site. People will even lose trust in the credibility of a brand because of a poorly-designed web page. It’s an extremely important representation of a brand, and that’s why it should be a priority for your business. Unfortunately, not all of us were cut out for web design. Knowing the do’s and the don’ts and the where’s and the how’s can be difficult. So, what is it exactly that makes a good website?

Appearance and aesthetics

We know, we know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…right? Unfortunately, for websites, the outside counts just as much as the inside, maybe even a little bit more. It’s important to keep things simple, too much text is overwhelming. Humans, by nature, are pretty cognitively lazy. We see a huge amount of text and we get scared. Unless we are going out of our way to seek out a deeper understanding [by means of reading a lot of text, such as, this blog…] the road we take to get there needs to be a simple and clear one.

Another important factor of aesthetics, is color. It’s important to not overwhelm anyone with a rainbow palette. Keep a congruent theme of colors on your site, and make sure not to go for any neons, that’s a headache waiting to happen. Make sure your text color lays well with the background color, like previously mentioned, make it easy for the visitors to read and understand your site.

The next aesthetic aspect is a biggy… high-quality images. You would think this one would be a given, but you would be surprised how many websites contain pixilated images and graphics. Make sure the pictures are high-enough resolution to be displayed on larger screens and projectors as well.


Your website’s content is obviously extremely important. Make sure the content is relevant, necessary, and a big one, up-to-date. Make sure that each page contains the information and content that it needs to keep your visitors well-informed. Also, remember to keep the tone… if your website is for a prestigious law firm, it’s probably not best to welcome your visitors with a big, “Howdy, Y’all!” … Oh, and don’t forget about grammar, for goodness sake, don’t let one of your menu titles read, “Abut Us.”

Functionality, and navigation

Some people are not only ‘not good’ at designing websites, they are also ‘not good’ at navigating them… Make sure it is very clear what button/tab will take them where, and that the site is overall easy to navigate. Frustration will lead a visitor to closing out of the page faster than you can say, “Hey, Siri.” It seems obvious, but make sure that not only are your buttons/tabs clear, but that they (along with any links) are properly functioning; a click that leads to an “error page,” is weakness in a consumer’s eyes. Another big aspect of functionality, is functionality across multiple devices. More people quickly jump to a company’s website from their smart phone now-a-days than on their computer. So, be sure that your website functions properly across all the different devices and screens that someone might access it from.

It can be a bit overwhelming to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to running a business, sometimes, we have to put our talents together to be the best we can be… No one can do it all. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by building/designing your website, we can help. If you’re looking for a web design agency in Dallas, look no further we’ve got you covered. Here at Tech-Critic, we know a thing or two about the digital world, and we find it pretty exciting. So please, contact us today, and let us help show you what your business is capable of.

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