What Brands Are Doing to Capitalize on Back to the Future Day

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245DFF7900000578-0-image-m-71_1420145463267Today is Back to the Future Day! What does that mean? Well, not much exactly but it does resonate with a lot of people that love the Back to the Future movies. Today’s date, October 21st, 2015, is the date in which Doc Brown takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 to save their kids. Why would you go to the future to save someone when you have the knowledge in the past? It doesn’t matter, because this is the excuse the studio used to show a fun future, according to the 80s!

In this future we have flying cars and hover boards – mostly things that are totally not happening. But some brands are using modern technology to celebrate this iconic date. Pepsi actually made a “Pepsi Perfect” bottle and Nike has self-lacing shoes on the way. USA Today changed their logo to what is used in a future USA Today paper in BTTF2 and even Doc is back in a little short filmed by Universal.

But for brands not in the film, they still have a chance to capitalize what will be on everyone’s minds. Google’s plans for project “Flux” have leaked. And for only $1.21 million, you can get a Flux Capacitor for your Ford. Also, Lyft is offering¬†DeLorean rides in NYC!¬†Out of all of these cool things, it’s interesting to see where we actually got versus what was predicted. Back to the Future is a staple in pop-culture and nerd culture, so capitalizing on it only creates awesome, built-in engagement.

For something like this, any brand could use it and not look out of place. That’s something to keep your eye on when wanting to stay relevant in a fun way on exciting days like this – jump in and have fund with your audience. I’d say Star Wars is another property that’s very popular and is beneficial in this way, and you know there’s a new film coming up? Get your thinking caps ready – or have us do it for you.

So, starting tomorrow, does that mean Back to the Future now takes place entirely in the past?

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