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Voice Search: The Newest Trend All Marketers Should Care About

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Voice Search - Tech-CriticHow many of you have used the voice search feature on your smartphone to get directions or make a phone call while you are driving? Probably a pretty good percentage of you, are we right? Along the same lines, raise your hand if you have used voice search to find out information about a specific business, product, or service. As our society becomes more and more reliant on our smartphones and technology in general, we will continue to see a shift in how we connect and communicate with others. While voice-based search queries have not traditionally been a huge consideration for SEO, this is changing. As SEO continues to change, so must our digital marketing efforts. Recently, voice recognition technology has become more accurate and pervasive, making it a potential influencer for future search engine algorithm advancements. We are at the beginning of this movement, which is why many – including marketers themselves – have not jumped on the bandwagon yet.

However, here at Tech-Critic, we believe in staying one step ahead of the game and always do our best to ensure no rock is left uncovered. Google is known to release new search algorithms (ahem, Mobilegeddon) from time to time, making it necessary for marketers to adjust on a whim. At Tech-Critic, our team of developers, marketers, designers, and social media experts pay attention to any moves Google makes and any new trends, such as voice search. We look forward to working with you and helping you understand what, exactly, voice search is and what adjustments you may need to make in order to make sure you are showing up in relevant searches.

What is Voice Search?

Siri-Apple-Tech-CriticAs you may have guessed, voice search is the act of speaking into a tiny microphone within a phone in order to perform a search, rather than typing what you would like to look up. Most are familiar with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, and there are still other voice programs out there that perform the same duties as these popular programs. It is important to note that voice search and text search are the same, at least when it comes to how Google and other search engines return results. The only difference is that voice search makes obtaining information easier, as all you have to do is ask our phone’s voice search program a question, instead of opening up the browser and typing in a search.

Why Does Voice Search Matter for Marketers?

From a marketing standpoint, voice search is becoming increasingly relevant, which is why it is important that we take the time to adjust for voice-based queries. In many cases, a person using voice search has different intentions than a person using traditional search. People using voice search today are typically asking a question, oftentimes using question phrases starting with who, when, where, how, or why. This means that we must take into consideration what questions may be asked when developing content. When a user speaks their query into the phone, they naturally are speaking in a more conversational way, creating unique and different queries being processed into Google. While voice search isn’t changing how relevant keywords are to SEO, the way in which these keywords are being incorporated may be changing ever so slightly.

Here at Tech-Critic, we believe in helping each and every one of our clients stay relevant and put represent themselves and their services in a manner that will encourage a wider audience base. By adjusting for new trends, such as voice search, we are doing our best to ensure people can find your business, regardless of how they search.

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