Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses | Tech Critic Dallas

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses | Tech Critic DallasWith Christmas having ended and New Year’s just passed, there is little room left to begin planning a marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day. This holiday is the perfect time to try to increase profits and traffic for your business due to Valentine’s Day’s strong relationship with consumer culture. As one of the leading marketing agencies in Dallas, we at Tech Critic have some marketing ideas that can help bring in more business this Valentine’s Day.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is already a well-established form of digital marketing that helps your business reach an audience that has a prior relationship with you. Adding phrases involving “love”, “hearts”, “romance”, or just straight up mentioning Valentine’s Day to the subject line of your emails can be a helpful tactic in gaining more opens of your emails.

Make sure that the subject line includes Valentine’s related themes, but that they also hint to the content of the email as well as mentioning any deals being offered for the holiday. Including emojis within the subject has been seen to increase open rates just as long as they are not overused.

Send a Valentine’s Day card

This strategy falls within email marketing although it doesn’t advertise a product. It just reminds the customer that you are there and that you value them. After all these individuals are the subject of your love by keeping your business going. Keep the message informal enough to seem as if you aren’t overtly marketing towards them while still retaining your business’ professionalism.

Adding a coupon for certain services encourages them to visit the store in person and can be a nice added treat to their Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s Day “2 for 1” Deals

Following the same vein as the coupons included in their holiday cards, offering “2 for 1” deals on select products and services can be a sure-fire way to increase one’s traffic. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about couples so why not play on that trend and encourage individuals to shop for two?

Make sure to pick products or services that you can afford as a business to offer as a 2 for 1 deal. The hopes of offering such a deal will be to encourage them to continue supporting your business even after the holiday.

Update Your Online Aesthetic

If your company has a strong online presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Valentine’s Day offers you a chance to get in the holiday spirit by updating the looks of your digital profiles. Changing the look of your company’s logo with hearts or changed colors while adding images related to Valentine’s Day to your profile can encourage engagement across social media platforms.

Be sure not to stray too far from your original digital advertising brand you built prior but tweak it enough that it allows your audience and potential customers to recognize your brand and hopefully get in the Valentine’s spirit by choosing to support your business.

Use of Appropriate Hashtags

Speaking of social media, hashtags are a popular and successful way of increasing engagement with your audience on that site. Be sure to craft a hashtag that fits your business’ digital brand as well as one that would not contain any inappropriate content. This hashtag encourages your customers to repost using your hashtag in the hopes to spread your company’s reach.

Using hashtags that focus on specific aspects of the holiday could be a fun way to open a dialogue between you and your consumer or your consumers with each other. Some ideas for hashtag topics could be:

  • Best Valentine’s Date
  • Worst Valentine’s Date
  • Best Valentine’s Gift
  • Worst Valentine’s Gift
  • Who is Your Valentine?

Create a Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that encourages the purchase of gifts for your significant lovers. It is common practice to get at least one gift for your significant other, but it’s never a bad idea to get them more than one. One idea to improve your digital advertising is to create a gift guide for your audience to view. You can include this as a blog, as a part of your email marketing, on your social media sites, or all!

When crafting this guide, make sure to always include one or two of your own products or services. It’s just enough to subtly hint to your potential customers to choose your business without appearing as if you are shoving your products down their throat.

Go Against the Grain

While the overarching theme of Valentine’s Day is one about couples, not everyone has someone special to share the day with. A lot of individuals are single and look to the day with disdain. If it fits with your brand, run an advertising campaign that focuses on the single people. It doesn’t have to be a campaign that is completely anti-Valentine’s day, even though it could be fun to poke fun at all of the corniness the day offers, but it can give your business a chance to run campaigns parallel with your regular Valentine’s Day ads by offering products and services that may improve a single person’s life or are typically fun for just one person.

To add to this, some people wish to celebrate their love for their family and friends while they’re at it, whether they’re single or not. Including messages about loving friends and families with services specific to that demographic would be for sure to increase to your impression.

No matter what your business is or what you offer, employing strategies specific to Valentine’s Day while taking advantage of all the opportunities this holiday offers could improve the traffic your store or site receives. Finding the perfect strategy for couples, singles, families and friends is essential in developing a successful marketing campaign. If you are interested in learning more on how you can improve your digital presence, contact Tech Critic, one of your top Dallas advertising agencies, to get started.

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