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Google has recently announced that they are experimenting with several new features, including clickable phone numbers in organic searches on mobile and a new way of displaying local business content in search results.  Both moves are good news for local businesses hoping to expand their audience base and become more widely seen by potential new clients. Google launched these two new features at the start of March, so while it may be too soon to tell how effective they will be, the future looks bright. Throughout the last year it seems as though the search engine giant is doing everything they can to streamline the search process for both mobile and desktop users. With the introduction of new algorithms for search results as well as changing up the way in which businesses can display ads, we are seeing Google place a great deal of importance on the accessibility of relevant search results for businesses and customers alike.

It is no secret that digital marketing has taken over in recent years, and that’s a good thing. While traditional marketing strategies are still important, the power of the internet is undeniable. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you don’t miss a beat and stay up-to-date with the latest changes and happenings in the world of digital marketing. With all the changes Google – for one – has made in recent months, it can be nearly impossible to know how to best market yourself to the masses. Thankfully, we are here to do the hard part for you. As a Dallas digital marketing agency, we make it a point to stay on top of everything happening as it relates to your business, Google, search results, social media, and everything in between. Now, let’s take a closer look at the latest two changes Google has made.

Google Testing Clickable Phone Numbers on Mobile

In an effort to help organic search results on mobile, Google has begun testing displaying clickable phone numbers. You’ve likely seen the ‘click to call’ option on the AdWords side of the banner, but this hasn’t been an option on the organic side until now. This experiment will allow searchers to click on business phone numbers and call them directly from their phone, instead of having to get out of the browser, write down the phone number, and then contact the business. While this is still in the experimental phase, we have high hopes for how much more accessible it will make businesses to local residents.

Local-Business-Cards-Google-Search-Engine-Arlington-Texas-Digital-Marketing-Agency-Tech-CriticGoogle Introduces “Local Business Cards”

In addition to the clickable phone numbers, Google is also introducing what some are calling ‘local business cards’. This experiment currently only involves a few dozen local businesses and is noteworthy because it is the first time in history that Google has introduced GIFs on search results page. This new feature will show local ‘business cards’ directly next to the Knowledge Panel featuring that business. Google hopes that it will provide further insight into local businesses, encouraging both the business and clients to communicate directly through search results.

To learn more about how these most recent changes may affect your business’ marketing plan, please do not hesitate to contact Tech-Critic today.

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