Google AdWords Tips for Local Business Owners in Texas

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neon-open-signGoogle AdWords is one of the most powerful tools for local businesses to generate new traffic, leads, and sales online. It’s no surprise that AdWords is one of the most commonly used online marketing tactics – after all, AdWords revenue does generate almost all of Google’s $50+ billion yearly revenue!

Google AdWords works by displaying targeted ads for your business within Google’s results, either above or beside the unpaid or “organic” listings. The ads are targeted based on keywords that businesses owners select, and AdWords customers are only charged when a user chooses to click. (The “CPC” or cost per click model.)

However, although AdWords is a very powerful tool, it can also be very complex to use. Google has to accommodate many complex needs within the AdWords platform, and this inevitably leads to increasing complexity. To help you understand AdWords, and create a solid starter campaign for your business, we’ve put together a few basic AdWords tips for local businesses in Texas (and beyond!).

  • Target your location correctly. This is the first tip, because it’s one issue that you really don’t want to torget! Assuming that your business serves people locally, be sure to build your AdWords campaign to target only people who could reasonably visit your store (or that you could visit, for home-services companies). The last thing you want to do is advertise to people looking for a Dentist in Canada, when you’re all the way down in Dallas!
  • Understand the difference between Search and Display ads. Many people don’t realize that AdWords allows you to advertise on both’s search results, as well as around the web, using “display” or banner ads. While display advertising does have great potential, for beginner marketers, usually the search ads will perform best.
  • Include a Call to Action in your ads. Although AdWords ads may seem very short, there’s a complex mix of art and science in writing the best ad. For new users, probably the most important AdWords ad concept is the call to action – basically, this means asking the user to do something after reading your ad. For example “call us today”, “get a free quote”, or something similar. Including a CTA in your ads is generally a surefire way to improve their performance.
  • Choose specific keyword targets. AdWords works by matching up the keywords that users search for with keywords relevant to your business. You enter your chosen keywords into AdWords, and Google displays your ads to users who have used those terms. However, the actual mechanics of this are complex. The simplest thing to keep in mind is try to choose specific, accurate keywords. For example, if you’re a surgeon, don’t just choose the keyword “doctor” – try to advertise what it is that you do specifically. This will keep your costs down while still reaching the most relevant customers.

We hope these tips will help your Dallas or Texas-based business improve performance in AdWords! Of course, these are just a few basic ideas – AdWords is a very complex, dynamic platform with loads of room for management and optimization. If you’re interested in learning more about AdWords and PPC management in Dallas, please Contact Us today.

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