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Three Factors Driving Modern Digital Marketing Strategies

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Digital Marketing- Tech-CriticBusinesses of all shapes and sizes are struggling to adapt to this tech-heavy society that we now live in. Now more than ever, it is imperative for businesses to have a smart digital marketing plan in place that hits all the marks. From ensuring your website is optimized for search engine results to having a strong social media presence and building a mobile-friendly website, it can be easy to lose track of everything that must be done in order to find success. The old saying “the customer is always right” means even more in today’s modern society. In fact, the customer is king and organizations need to take this into consideration during each and every step of the marketing process.

A recent study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board indicates that customers are completing approximately 60 percent of their purchase decisions before they even connect with vendors. This means that more and more people are turning to the internet and mobile apps to make their purchases instead of taking their business into brick and mortar establishments. This is a trend that has challenged content marketing specialists to change their tune and opt for strategies that include digital, content marketing, email campaigns, and social media. Gone are the days of traditional campaign-based programs, as they are no longer as effective as they once were.

Marketing Company coming up with Strategy - Tech-CriticSo, what drives today’s digital marketing strategies? For starters, marketing teams must be collaborative and adaptable, having the ability to change their plan or strategy on a dime. This is certainly an important point, but there are a handful of other factors that should be considered when talking about what moves today’s digital marketing strategies.

  1. Relevant Content. One of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers today is the need to deliver relevant and interesting content. As we have discussed in the past, establishing credibility and making your company known as a source that can be trusted is a must of today. If you can accomplish this, you are guaranteed to reach a wider audience and bring more traffic to your website. This is why content is king and it is crucial to give as much attention to this aspect of your brand as you do to building your website, etc.
  1. Accessibility. Chances are there is some amount of competition out there for you. Because of this, it is important for you to make it easy for people to find you. Make your information more findable by customers than your competition by using certain advertising tactics and drawing people in. Whether through smart, witty, and relevant content or eye-catching graphics and intrigue, you must make yourself stand apart from the rest.
  1. Execution. It is not enough to simply have a smart content marketing plan in place, you must execute it well in order to succeed. Modern marketing teams have the resources and expertise needed to initiate rapid planning cycles that are both responsive and relevant to customers’ needs. By looking at insights and analytics, your marketing team will be able to come up with a game plan for executing your strategy that is sure to get results.

As a full-service Arlington digital marketing firm, Tech-Critic offers a wide range of services that aim to accomplish everything mentioned above. To learn more about our digital marketing services or our team in general, please contact us today.

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