This is why you’re losing customers

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this-is-why-you're-losing-customers-tech-criticIf you have been with a particular business or owned a particular business for a decent amount of time, one of the things you might have learned is that sometimes the best thing for you to do is to focus on the relationships you have with your current customers, and that in itself can bring in new clientele. Surprisingly, when it comes to relationship marketing, it has actually been a long hard lesson that businesses have had to learn over time, but in so many circumstances, the price of losing customers is a big one. Let’s take a closer look at two categories holding various reasons as to why you may be losing your customers…

A lack of a relationship

What exactly does it take to maintain a good relationship with your current customers? Well, you have to show them your commitment to them, thank them for their business, reward them for their business, and be there for them when they need you. So, what do those things entail? Showing your commitment to a customer simply put is letting them know you’re in it for the long run, letting them know that you have something to offer them continuously. Whether it be new products, warranties, repairs, or communication, it’s important for the customer to know you’re there for them. A big aspect of this is communication. And what’s a great way to stay in communication? Social media. Consistently updating your company’s social media accounts, and having someone at your company there to respond to and interact with customers in a timely manner can take you a long way. Your customer needs to know that they are valued. Reward them for using your service or buying your product by various promotional discounts or a loyalty card or program. Customer service is pretty much just as high up there as is the physical product or actual service that you’re selling them, so make sure you do it right, and be there for your customer.

A lack of company updates

A lot of businesses have a tendency to get caught up in their old ways. They think to themselves, “well, I’ve been successful by doing it this way for this long, so why make changes?” But, the problem is that one must realize that change is necessary for growth and for progress. And one of the most common examples of this is the lack of evolution of companies into the digital world. These days, everything a consumer wants is now available at their fingertips. Whether it’s on their smart phone, their tablet, or their computer, they want to be able to access things immediately and conveniently. This is why it is so important to implement multiple online and digital marketing strategies to not only keep your current customers around, but to draw in new ones.

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