The truth about SEO

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the-truth-about-seo-tech-criticAlongside technology’s rapid progression, there is also the evolution and development of new digital marketing strategies. It’s important as a business to stay on top of your digital marketing and corresponding strategies. If you are looking to grow your business and up your game when it comes to your marketing, going digital, and going all the way, is the way to go. Most everyone lives online these days. Whether it’s to be social, to get work finished, or to GPS our way to the nearest grocery store, we are all quite reliant on our smart phones, tablets, and computers. Many people are hesitant to go forth into the digital marketing arena, but those people will get left behind unless they jump on board soon. People fall victim to believing the stigmas around various digital marketing strategies, but it’s important that you be well informed about the truth behind said tactics.

One of the strategies that is one of the most used, as well as a strategy that is sometimes feared, is SEO… or Search Engine Optimization. So, what exactly is SEO? If you aren’t sure, basically, SEO is a term describing various tactics used to increase the traffic to your site, via, optimizing how and where your business appears in search engine results. In order to clear the water a bit, let’s discuss some of the myths surrounding Dallas SEO.

Myth #1… SEO doesn’t really work

Well, this is just simply not true. SEO can be an extremely successful way to grow your business if executed properly. Let’s put it this way; the biggest issue for a lot of businesses is getting their name out there. With search engine optimization, and if you’re doing everything else right (in relation to your website, etc.), you will be easily found by your target market. You will draw more traffic in, and then be able to show them what you have to offer. What is it that makes search engines such as Google work anyways? Algorithms. And most every website, search engine, and social media platform operates with the use of algorithms.

Myth #2… More is better

This is something that we can’t seem to stress enough, and it’s that you want to focus on quality over quantity.  Many people jump into SEO, and set themselves up for failure. They think that if they drowned their website in keywords and links, they will get more traffic, but it just isn’t true. Google is much smarter than that; which isn’t hard to believe considering the technology behind the face of Google as a company. Google can pick up on the quality of your website’s content, and they aren’t just going to up the ranks on any keyword-overloaded website.

Myth #3… SEO is the only way to go

Ok, we love SEO, you know that by now. But all digital marketing strategies these days have a tendency to interlock and work together to meet those ultimate digital marketing goals. Solely focusing on SEO isn’t going to get you the results you need or want, you’ll need to incorporate complementary digital strategies if you really want to be successful.

We know this can all be a bit overwhelming, which is why so many businesses are turning to a Dallas SEO agency. If you need a hand, here at Tech Critic, we would be happy to help. Contact us today, and let our team of digital marketing experts take your business to the next level.

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