The Role of PPC Slam Dunks into March Madness

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March-Madness-and-The-Role-Of-PPC-pay-per-click-arlington-texas-digital-marketing-agency-tech-criticMarch Madness is a notoriously popular event, not just in the United States but throughout the entire world. During this once-a-year sporting event, everyone from your office coworkers to your college buddies jump on board and create a bracket, crossing their fingers for a big win. While it may not be the biggest gambling event in the world, it certainly ranks pretty high. While this is undoubtedly the best time of year for basketball fanatics, it can prove to be a difficult few weeks for March Madness websites and office productivity alike. Gone are the days of filling out a bracket with a good ol’ pencil and paper, nowadays it’s all about the online bracket. With more people than ever turning to the internet and checking and rechecking their brackets as the games end and the tournament continues, it can be quite a nightmare for certain companies and websites. But on the other hand, it is one of the best times a year to advertise and implement a strong PPC campaign.

Prepping for March Madness

In order to get ready for March Madness, wireless carriers and IT experts alike are busier than ever trying to prep websites for the influx of traffic. Because many brackets have been busted this year due to unforeseen upsets, March Madness websites are getting boosted with bandwidth in order to accommodate the millions of daily searches pertaining to previously little-known teams. People are searching for scores, information on these teams, and an update on their bracket at such an intense rate that many websites are having a hard time keeping up. Not only are March Madness websites feeling the repercussions of this year’s tournament results, but many regional tourney sides have been busy as well, working hard to add capacity to the stadium DAS systems and Wi-Fi networks. Due in large part to the fact that many of the teams moving forward were not expected to do so, the regional sites were not prepared for such a surge in traffic.

Not only are arenas and other tourney sites having to quickly adjust as the tourney progresses and more upsets occur, but so are company offices and other websites. To put it mildly, March Madness is causing quite the headache for those working in the IT realm. In order to protect network bandwidth and (hopefully) increase employee productivity during March Madness, many IT professionals are having to make adjustments, such as blocking websites that stream the NCAA games or embracing the tourney by boosting bandwidth.

The Role of PPC and Targeted Ads March-Madness-and-The-Role-Of-PPC-pay-per-click-Plano-texas-digital-marketing-agency-tech-critic

Because so many people are into March Madness and creating an online bracket, it is proving to be a huge time of year for PPC (pay-per-click) display and targeted ads. With so many eyes on one site at any given time, this is an incredible opportunity for businesses to advertise and draw people to their own website. So while many are focused on how to accommodate the influx of searches and traffic to specific March Madness websites – and for good reason – this is also a time for local companies to capitalize on a whole new potential customer base. By being proactive and implementing and a strong and targeted PPC campaign throughout the tournament, chances are you will reach a much wider audience and create more traffic – and potential business – to your website. People are hitting the refresh button more frequently than ever before on specific websites to check the score in the hopes their bracket hasn’t been busted, which means more facetime to advertise your products and services.

Many people do not fully understand what, exactly, PPC is and how it can be of use, which is extremely unfortunate because it is one of the most effective forms of marketing, when done correctly. To learn more about our Plano PPC services or to schedule a consultation with an IT or digital marketing expert from Tech-Critic, please contact us today.


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