The Power of Social Media and Why It Matters to Your Business

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The-Power-of-Social-Media-and-Why-It-Matters-to-Your-BusinessIt is no secret that social media is a powerful tool in today’s society, in many different ways. Through the various social media outlets, news spreads quicker than ever. From learning within minutes that your old high school classmate has given birth to a beautiful baby girl (thanks, Facebook!) or that Kevin Durant is now a Warrior, social media helps drive knowledge and information sharing in a major way. While it is true that some people simply over share with the help of various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the reality is that social media is going nowhere and we must embrace this new information age.

The Role of Social Media in Different Parts of Our Society

As briefly mentioned above, social media has a direct impact on many different parts of our lives today. Let’s take a look at a few examples before we dive into why all businesses must have a strong social media presence today.

  • Social Media and News

In recent weeks we have also seen how social media can play an absolutely critical role in political and social events, such as the Philando Castile police shooting. Thanks to Facebook’s ‘Live’ streaming feature, the last moment’s of Castile’s life were broadcast to Facebook users, as he was struggling to stay alive after being shot by a Minnesota police officer as he was reaching for his wallet to show his ID. Days later, a fatal shooting went down in Downtown Dallas where five Dallas officers were slain during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. Civilians posted videos during the shooting on social media and it received millions of views in the matter of hours. These are just a few examples of what a critical role social media in itself plays in our society today. While Facebook’s Live feature is a relatively new development, the ability – and willingness – of people to check their phones every couple of minutes and share the most mundane – or life-changing – of tidbits is continuing.

  • Social Media and Sports

When it comes to social media and sports, all bets are off. Today fans are able to stay up-to-date with anything and everything associated with their favorite team or players, from injuries to trades and free agent pick-ups. One example of this that we briefly mentioned above is Kevin Durant going to the Warriors. Several different teams were courting free agent Durant, if you will, but the Warriors won out. Fans – and everyone in the sports industry, for that matter – were notified of the decision by way of social media, which is a trend we expect to continue in sports.

  • Social Media and Entertainment

Yet another area we see how powerful social media can be is in entertainment. The widely publicized relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, for example, has been completely propelled by social media. With the help of various cutesy hashtags and social media chatter overall, this ‘relationship’ has been analyzed from top to bottom and thrown into the spotlight before it ever got started.

  • Social Media and Business

This brings us to our last point – the importance of social media to businesses of all different shapes and sizes. We have seen just how fast information travels today through the various social media platforms, so it is no wonder why it is so important for all different types of businesses to develop and foster a strong social media presence. These days, people check their social media accounts and other websites before anything else, which is a huge marketing opportunity. In order to for consumers to find you and your products or services, you absolutely must focus on curating a social media presence. Furthermore, it is not enough to simply just create a Facebook profile and have your friends and family ‘like’ your business page. You must have an account on all the various social media platforms, figure out who your audience is on each outlet, and spend time developing your voice and gaining the trust of consumers.

Gone are the days of using social media to share pictures of the meal you just ate – OK, that is still a thing, but it’s not all social media is used for. The speed in which information is shared is incredible, which is why it is important that you stay on your toes and do not fall behind. To learn more about the importance of social media and digital marketing as a whole in DFW, please contact Tech-Critic today.

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