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The Power of Pairing Google Ads and Google Analytics

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The Power of Pairing Google Ads and Google Analytics - Tech CriticLinking Google Ads & Google Analytics Can Lead to Great Success

The world of online advertising has gotten increasingly more and more complex. There are more businesses on the web now more than ever, and more users actively searching for products and goods than ever before. It can be incredibly complicated keeping track of how well your business is doing online. It is your job as a business owner to meet the expectations of consumers by understanding how a consumer conducts product research on a deeper level.

Google AdWords and Google Analytics are both powerful tools in their own right for any digital marketer. Having a Google Ads account allows you to create ads that promote whatever product or service you are offering while Google Analytics helps you better understand how your customers interact with your site, content, and products, providing you with powerful insights. While each of these two alone is incredibly useful, together they create a dynamic partnership that gives you exact data to create and cater ads to better attract customers and conversions.

Why Link the Two?

When you use Google Ads, you are provided with some insight on your ad performance, but Analytics is able to expound on that data and provide you with your audience’s behavior while on your websites or landing page. This pairing gives you a clear look into how your ads lead to conversions, allowing you the opportunity to swiftly adjust your strategy and bidding to match.

Google Analytics provides you with the data and insight, which shows you how effective your Ads are actually doing. They can even help you with your e-commerce transactions!

How to Link Google Ads to Analytics

Before you can reap the benefits of this partnership, you must first connect the two accounts. You need to make sure that you have admin rights to both your Google Ads and Analytics accounts to properly link them.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your Google Analytics
  • Click on Admin then choose which account and property you want to manage
  • Under Product Linking, choose AdWords Linking
  • Click the New Link Group button
  • Choose the accounts you wish to link
  • Name the title of your Link Group
  • Turn on linking for each property you want Google Ads data
    • Make sure you activate auto-tagging in your Ads accounts so that you can analyze your data directly in Analytics.
  • Click Link Accounts

Now that you have officially linked your accounts, it’s time to find out how this can benefit your business!

How to Best Optimize Your Link

After finally connecting your Google Ads and Analytics accounts, you are now able to get the most out of your online presence. You will be able to see data and get insight into your ads that you would not have been able to acquire just through your Ads account. With more thorough data from Google Analytics, you can now increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns.

  • Creating Ads Based on Insights: The beauty of this combination of Google Analytics and Googles Ads is that you are given a much clearer view of just how your ads lead to conversions, allowing you to adjust your ads in a timely matter to fit these insights. You will be able to craft more ads around what is actually drawing traffic.
  • Improving Bid Performance: After your pairing is complete, you are given access to different sets of reports that you wouldn’t have received in your Analytics account prior. You can see just what a customer’s path to conversion really is, whether it be for a purchase or a captured lead. If you notice some keywords are working while others are not, you can allocate funds to high performing bids. You can also see bounce rates and metrics for non-converters to see why they aren’t working.
  • Tailored Messaging: With both of these tools working together, Analytics audience can be shared with Google Ads to create and distribute messages for different groups of customers. Using data from Analytics, you can create an ad campaign in Google Ads to focus on a particular audience.
  • Create Goals: Most conversions in Google Analytics are usually purchases made or leads captured, but Goals can be any metric that you find valuable to your business, ranging from time spent on site, specific clicks, or conversions. Whenever a Goal is completed, Analytics records that as a conversion. These Goals allow you to better understand how a customer operates on your site, creating a measure of effectiveness for your strategy. With Google Ads, you can adjust bids based on conversion data from these Goals, view these metrics on Google Ads, and analyze user’s activity on your site after an impression is made.

Both Google AdWords and Google Analytics are useful tools that should be utilized by all businesses online. However, their true power is found once they are paired together. This link will provide you with the unique data and insights particular to your business to allow you to maximize your effectiveness online.

Tech Critic is well versed in navigating the complicated world of digital marketing and stand poised to help any small to mid-size businesses craft an online presence capable of making a mark in any industry they operate in. Tech Critic stands as a Premier Google Partner, a title only 3% of agencies have, meaning we are one of the best in the industry of digital advertising at getting the most out of your business’ online presence.

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