The Impact of Weather on Product Sales and Retail Business

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product-sales-retail-business-weather-impact-tech-critic-digital-marketing-agency-dallas-texasThe weather is something that we all talk about, no matter how much we try not to. This type of small talk is seen all over the country, from the metropolis cities of Dallas to more rural parts of the country. However, weather is more than just a conversation filler, it actually affects a person’s level of happiness, reactions, and shopping habits. That’s right, the weather plays a much bigger role than many realize in product sales and retail business in general. This is due to numerous factors – but can often be tied back to the fact that rain, snow, and sunshine can all have an impact on our mood and behavior. Think about it – when do you like to do a little retail therapy (both online and in store)? For many, gloomy days are perfect for stocking up on household items and looking for that perfect pair of jeans, whereas others are more inclined to spend money when the weather is nice and their spirits are lifted.

It is important for business owners of all sizes to understand the role of weather in spending habits and trends. This is because the weather has been proven to affect a person’s mood as well as their consumer behaviors. So, as a business owner, it would actually be in your best interest to stay on top of weather forecasts. In doing so you will be able to create more effective marketing campaigns and draw people to your brand.

The Impact of Weather on Traffic, Sales, and ROI

There have been numerous studies in recent years that show just how impactful of a role weather has on retail sales, specifically online. This probably comes as no surprise, but the nicer it is outside, the less time people spend shopping online. Consumers would rather be outside when it is sunny. On the other hand, data indicates that consumers are more likely to spend money online when the weather is gloomy. Netflix and shopping go hand in hand, don’t you think?! All this being said, there are still certain things business owners can do to increase sales when the weather is just screaming for people to be outdoors. For example, product sales for sunglasses, grills, and other BBQ equipment dramatically increase when it’s nice out. Sure, most of these sales are done in person, which is why it is important for businesses to have both a strong online presence and brick-and-mortar shop.

This brings us to our next topic – what products are people most likely to buy with weather trends? As we saw with the sunglasses example, people are driven by what’s going on in the forecast when it comes to many of their spending habits. It’s safe to say that the first day of spring will see an increase in beach accessories, sunblock, workout equipment, and so on. Seasonal products are huge for this reason. The fact is that weather patterns change our spending habits. This is true for products other than clothes and accessories, too. Personal care products and food are other big ones that change with the weather.

These few examples should provide a little insight as to why it’s important for you to pay attention to the weather forecast throughout the year. Once you do that, you can then implement appropriate marketing strategies to bring in business. Here are a few examples of weather-centric marketing strategies:

  • Engaging weather-based outdoor ads
  • Using weather-specific ad words
  • Implementing weather-specific social media ads
  • Weather-based email campaigns

By making an effort to change your marketing tactics based on the weather, you will be showing your target audience that you aren’t just another cookie cutter company. You are headed by real people who are just like your customers – you check the weather. To learn more about the importance of changing your digital marketing campaign seasonally, please contact Tech-Critic today.

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