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Summer Marketing Techniques

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Summer is a Slower Time of Year for Some Businesses

Summer Marketing Techniques - Tech Critic

Summer is an exciting time of year. The days are longer, and the weather is warmer. People tend to spend a great deal of their free time outside, soaking up the sun. Children are out of school, and families are taking vacations. Seasons do change, and with them, people change as well. The marketing techniques you used in colder seasons aren’t going to be near as effective in the summer.

Many industries see a slowdown in business during this time of year with people being more preoccupied with their own lives. However, this should not discourage businesses. This slow period allows you to create unique marketing tactics fit for the summer that allows you to get the most out of the coming months. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your summer marketing techniques:

Ensure Mobile Optimization

During the summer, the weather is much warmer. People understandably want to spend more and more time outside, whether at the beach, at the pool, or outside grilling.  While many people still browse the internet on their laptops and desktop computers, most people will be searching for products and services from their phones.

Since a lot of a person’s time will be spent outside away from their computers, their phone will be their only option to search the web. Facebook even reported that 92% of summer-related sales conversations occurred on a mobile device in 2016. With so many people surfing the web on their mobile devices, you must ensure that your website is fully optimized for mobile use. You want your website to look visibly pleasing on a mobile device as well as functioning quickly with no errors. Slow load times for pages actually hurts your conversion rates, so it’s important that your site is optimized for mobile.

Utilize Social Media 

As mentioned previously, users will be doing much of their online searching on their smartphones. Social media sites are some of the most popular sites visited by owners of smartphones.

It is extremely common for people to be using social media platforms all throughout the summer. They want to share pictures, videos, and any other content from their adventures over the summer. Due to the high number of users on social media sites during the summer months, your business should reevaluate how you use social media in your digital marketing campaigns.

You should utilize platforms that put a great emphasis on visual content such as Facebook and Instagram. With a majority of your audience out and about, they do not have the time nor interest to read long posts, so create short captions with your visual content.

Don’t be afraid to implement emojis into your posts as well. According to Campaign Monitor, messages and posts with emojis in the subject line are 56% more likely to lead to clicks and opens.

Take Advantage of Holidays

The summer is full of plenty of big holidays that can help you and your business improve engagement and traffic online. With the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and even Back to School, you are presented with countless opportunities to create ad campaigns based on these days.

Add a countdown on your site and social media platforms for certain holiday sales and promotions to build a sense of urgency in your audience. Users are constantly browsing on their smartphones during the summer, so consistently reminding them of a sale that is coming to a close will encourage them to take advantage of this deal.

Outside of large, federal holidays, you can use the National Day Calendar to find small, fun national holidays that fit with your companies services and products or something everyone can like. Encourage your customers to engage with you and others using certain hashtags you have created to spread awareness of your business.

Retargeting Ads 

While this may not be the sexiest of techniques, focusing on Facebook and Google retargeting ads can go a long way for your business. During the summer, the heat of the day can make many individuals impatient and indecisive. They are also busy, so they may visit your site and get distracted the next moment.

These ads allow you to remind these users that you are still around and to engage with them once they have left your site. Your business will now be at the forefront of their mind, which is beneficial especially if they found you in a rush and couldn’t find you again.

Partake in Event Marketing

Summer is full of many outdoor events, parties, and festivals. These allow you to take your campaign from the internet and into the real world. Since many people are too busy to spend time surfing on their computer, being present in the real world gives you a chance to directly market to them.

Sponsoring or partnering with an event puts you right in front of your potential customers well before they find you online. You are able to build a human connection and relationship prior to them ever doing business with you. You will be able to hold their attention longer this way as well.

Summer is a complicated time for many businesses. Many people and families are taking much-needed vacations and are away from their computers and the online world.  It can be a very slow time for many businesses. That is why it’s important to craft a unique and engaging marketing campaign to carry your business through the summer and into the fall. Here at Tech Critic, our team of skilled digital marketers is here to help you get the most out of your business.

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