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Why a SSL certificate should be a must

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Why a SSL certificate should be a must

Sites that have a SSL certificate are a safe bet to have but we’re not the only ones who think so. We have already implemented sites with a SSL certificate for most of our clients but if you don’t have one, with the growing security risks these days, I would highly recommend implementing one.

What is a SSL Certificate

  • To simplify, a site with a SSL certificate will create an encrypted connection between your visitor’s web browser and the server. This guarantees that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains untouchable and private. This will help with any tampering or hacking of your data.  To put it in “A site with SSL certificate for dummies” terms, imagine your site is a house and being a site with a SSL certificate is your alarm system. Without the alarm system, you’re protected but not nearly ¼ as you would be with an alarm system. It helps drastically with security and protection.

Benefits of having a SSL certificate for Marketing

  • The benefits of having a site that carries a SSL certificate vary but one very vital benefit is Google appreciating and slightly favoring a website that has one. When you encrypt your website, Google could give you a higher boost in search results. It might be a minor ranking benefit compared to high quality content but who knows if google might decide to strengthen it in the future. Google wants to move the internet towards more encryption so we can maintain privacy. This could be huge for sites using HTTPS/SSL encryption.

Concerns of a SSL Certificate

  • Do you have any concerns your seo rankings will drop with going HTTPS/SSL, well you shouldn’t have any. All you have to do is setup a redirect the traffic from your non-SSL url to the new SSL url. Your ranks will not drop. It has been safe to do so for years. You still need to take the steps to ensure your traffic isn’t affected. In other words, make sure to communicate to google that you switched from HTTP to HTTPS. Make sure to track your HTTP to HTTPS/SSL migration carefully in your google analytics and google webmaster tools.

Google has expanded its encryption. Gmail officially started using only HTTPS. Now Gmail no longer has an option to disable it.  Ask yourself, what are you doing to protect your website? Take precautions now and only reek the benefits. From extra security, to a possible higher rank boosting, to state of the art encryption, what isn’t there to like.

Tech-Critic is a certified google agency in Texas and around the nation that is at your service every step of the way. If you have any questions or confusions you want simplified, please do not hesitate to tweet me at @Techcritic, e-mail us, or just call and ask for Farah.


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