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Social Media’s Critical Role in Digital Marketing

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Social Media’s Critical Role in Digital Marketing | Tech CriticThere are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide

Digital marketing has swiftly moved to the forefront of most businesses’ plans when it comes to marketing their company. With technology constantly improving and the internet connecting people all over the globe instantly, it has become a well of unending opportunities that no business can function without.

There are a plethora of opportunities and tools on the internet and in the digital world that advertising agencies and companies can utilize to develop their brand and generate more leads. Acting as one of the strongest tools available, social media grants marketers’ ways of attracting traffic that other forms of digital marketing either lack or can’t at all.

Marketing is about putting your message, product, or service somewhere where your audience spends most of their time so they can see it. With a reported 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, it has become paramount to spend a concerted amount of time into developing a strong social media presence and marketing campaign on these platforms. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all useful sites that prove just how critical social media is.

Instant Feedback

Having an active presence for your business on social media gives you an outlook into seeing just how your company is viewed by your target audience. You are given the ability to quickly reach out and communicate with others who have purchased from you. It can seem time-consuming to track, monitor, and respond to comments whether negative or positive, but compared to how managing one’s reputation was prior, social media lets businesses respond much faster.

Social media sites are platforms that allow consumers a place to immediately give their feedback on a service or good you offer. A business is given more insight at a quicker rate than ever before which allows you to craft stronger, more targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

Create and Maintain Consumer Relationships

The ability to respond to feedback instantly and manage your business’ reputation in a timely manner gives your business the opening to create new relationships. While you track and monitor your brand and presence online, you can reach out to potential new customers who may have had one prior experience with your product or none at all. By providing users with valuable information regarding your brand and products, users can better understand your business, its goals, and how it would benefit them.

On the opposite end, you can also maintain and grow existing relationships. By receiving direct feedback from current customers, you can better understand what about your services and products is so attractive and useful to consumers and also what they dislike. This allows your business to better cater your presence and services to what works in a timelier fashion.

Boost Your Brand

Simply creating a company does not mean your brand is successfully built. To build your brand, your business’ presence must be felt in key areas of marketing. Without utilizing social media, you are essentially starting a company without telling anyone. Your presence on social media gives your brand a voice. Social networking sites aid you in gaining and sustaining brand loyalty by easily allowing customers to openly communicate with your brand. You can even get involved in interactions between different customers, creating a sense of community within your brand. A consumer’s perception of you can improve purely off of these simple interactions.

Increases Sales 

Social media has grown far past its original intention of purely social networking and connecting individuals. It has now become a place where people professional interact and even research products. According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media browsers use social media to research a product before they purchase it. 24% of them clicked on a promoted or sponsored post. Social media has become a place for individuals to post their own reviews of a product or service, eventually leading to increased sales. Having a prominent social media presence allows more people to see and research your brand thus leading to more sales.

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that all digital marketers must use to stay up to date and to keep up with their competitors. The world of marketing has seen drastic shifts in just the last two decades, and it looks to continue to change. The implementation of social media is just one of the most recent powerful changes in this industry. It provides companies with excellent opportunities to reach out and connect with new customers, maintain existing relationships, manage their reputation, and increase their sales. Having a strong and active presence on social media has countless benefits that the professionals at Tech Critic are well versed in.


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