Snapchat Update Makes Things Easier for Users

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snapchat-update-makes-things-easier-for-users-tech-critic-dallas-texasJust last week Snapchat rolled out another new update – this time focusing on making things just a little bit easier on users. The update included a unified search bar that appears on the home screen, creating a far better search experience for users. As anyone who uses the app knows, it can be quite confusing (especially at first) to figure out how to find friends, groups, and more. As of last week, this is no longer a problem. The popular social app is slowing rolling out the new search feature on both Android and iOS devices, which is a welcomed update for all of us. According to a company rep, the new interface is designed for speed and to help you look for things much, much quicker. The company hopes this will alleviate any frustrations people were experiencing with not being able to find what they were looking for quickly.

Before the update, you could only search for another user or account from the Chat screen by privately messaging the person or adding them as a friend. When trying to do the same from the Stories page, you could only see their Story if one was currently available, making it difficult to add people if they weren’t presently using the app. The unified search bar makes it much easier to not only find and add friends, but to look for Discover channels and Live Stories.

The Impact of the Update

This is an important update for consumers and businesses alike, as it has completely stepped up the game for the company and signifies a new approach. While it may seem like a minor change to many, this is simply not the case. Snapchat had isolated itself from other popular social media apps (think Instagram and Facebook), mainly because it was not the easiest to navigate. Let’s face it – all the new technologies out there today are difficult enough to keep up with – especially for older generations. With the new update, we foresee Snapchat becoming an important platform for local and big businesses alike. Thanks to the new search bar, users will have a better chance of finding the company or business they are looking for and following them. We have seen what Instagram’s updates and changes have done for the app, and we expect similar success for Snapchat.

The new changes make Snapchat much more appealing to a broader audience, which could change the game for the app. Improved search could speak volumes to brands, businesses, and influencers hoping to build up their Snapchat presence and use this app to their advantage. The poor interface of the past made businesses wary, and for good reason. The new update shows that Snapchat finally listened to the naysayers who criticized the app for making it too difficult to find new accounts, follow people, and really get anything useful done.

It is certainly no secret that the various social media apps continue to play an integral role in how successful a brand is – whether just launching or established. This update throws Snapchat into the mix, though we have yet to know what this really means. Stay tuned for an update in the coming months as we see just how impactful the search bar addition is. To learn more about the importance of social media in digital marketing, please do not hesitate to contact Tech-Critic today.

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