Should you start advertising on Instagram?

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should-you-start-advertising-on-instagram-tech-criticIt’s been difficult for some people to grasp an understanding of the millennial’s obsession and dependency on social media. But, as our world has quite quickly turned into a digitally-engulfed environment, businesses all over have had to revamp their views on marketing. Digital marketing is the new focus, as it is that so many people now-a-days live more intently in the cyber world than the real one, marketing companies have had to apply a whole new lens to their previous views.

As it turns out, social media is one of the most prominently successful platforms to apply your digital marketing strategies, and if you haven’t hopped on board, it’s about time you do. Speaking more specifically, Instagram is now one of the most sought out platforms for businesses and marketing. Not only are businesses upping their Instagram game for means of advertising, but many businesses even exist solely on Instagram. So, if businesses can successfully solely exist on Instagram, we can probably take that as a sign that it’s a pretty important platform to be working with.

After introducing advertising on their platform, the trend quickly grew, and doubled to an active 500,000 advertising users on Instagram in just six months. With about 250 million Instagrammers (and quickly growing) using the stories feature of the app, it’s easy to share and promote your brand as well as connect with other brands for even more exposure. For a minimal amount of money, you can promote a photo or video and reach multitudes of your target audience, as Instagram allows you to choose particular demographics as to who sees your promotion. With Instagram’s built in analytics and insights, you can even track the success of your posts, ads, stories, viewers, followers, etc. You can increase your clicks, your views, your reach and frequency, your product sales, mobile app downloads, and more. Although, Instagram does give you most of the tools you need, the problem for some companies is having the time and the knowledge to use them; which is why many businesses are turning to a social media marketing agency in Dallas.

On top of the large number of users and high traffic numbers that Instagram produces, it also has some of the highest engagement rates amongst some of the various social media platforms. And even better, they are also known for having a significantly higher ad recall. Marketing has quickly become all about the consumer, about who the consumer is, what they like, and what their interests are, and this is exactly what Instagram promotes as an app. It’s all about personality, and for businesses, it’s all about brand personality. The relatability and engagement, the simplicity, and the large emphasis on aesthetics creates for a perfect advertising platform, as long as you do it right. You need to make sure your ads don’t seem like ads; your posts need to be high quality and promote a lot of brand personality, this is what will draw Instagram users in, as well as what will keep them around.

There’s a lot to grasp and master when it comes to the various digital platforms, and it can get a bit overwhelming for a lot of businesses. While successful social media marketing requires time conscious efforts as well as high quality strategizing, many companies are turning to the experts. If you’re one of the many business trying to juggle all your marketing efforts, you may be in search of a social media marketing agency in Dallas, or surrounding DFW cities. Here at Tech Critic, we can help you with all your digital marketing needs. We’re an excited and innovative group of experts who want to help you discover your potential as a business. Head over to our contact page today, and let’s get started!

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