How to Use the September Snapchat Update

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I love it when Snapchat has an update! For two reasons: One, because there’s more fun stuff do do with pics and images, and Two (this one is sarcasm) everyone asks us how to use the new features! We’ll put that to rest right now – here’s is how to use the latest Snapchat update for September.

New filters for Faces

Get a face centered in your Snapchat and hold down on the screen – not the shutter button, but on the screen itself (like how you use to view snaps). Where the shutter button is, you’ll see a new button form. And actually, there’s a whole roll of buttons you can scroll through from right to left. These are triggered by simple instructions it asks of you. Like, “raise your eyebrow” or “open your mouth”. You then see the new crazy animations! Hit the shutter button to take a pic, or hold down to make a video.

Pay to See Old Snaps

If there’s a snap you want to see again, you can now pay $.99 to see it three more times – but that’s it. No more. This is definitely a new way for Snapchat to make money, but doesn’t it kind of remove some of its charm?

Snapchat has added a lot of new features that brands can be leveraging from. Get in contact with us about how we can make Snapchat and other digital marketing work for you!

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