SEO in 2015: Getting Your Business Ready for the Future

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Goals 20152014 is coming to end, and businesses all across Dallas are now reviewing the year’s results and planning for the future. If you’re hoping to improve and grow your business next year, now’s the time to start thinking hard about your 2015 strategy.

Online marketing is an especially important area for future planning. It’s one of the fastest-changing areas of business, and as technology evolves, so must your marketing strategy. The reality is that SEO and digital marketing strategies from only a few years ago could be completely obsolete in 2015.

As the year closes, it’s important to plan for the future. In this post, we’ll cover some core ideas on the future of SEO and what your business can do to leverage these changes and stay relevant in the future.

Group of Business People Using Digital DevicesSEO and Digital Marketing Grow in Importance

You might call this a meta-trend, but the reality is that the overall value of SEO and online marketing will continue to grow in 2015. Every year, we see more and more consumers continue to put down the Yellow Pages and other offline materials in favor of Google and digital media. This trend will continue through 2015.

While certainly the mechanics and landscape of SEO have changed over the years, the basic trends of yearly search volume and user adoption have always continued to grow. The same is true for mobile usage, social media usage, and general time spent online. The reality is that marketing as a general business category is increasingly becoming dominated by digital strategies.

This means that for all businesses, 2015 is likely to be an increased year for digital spending. More offline dollars will flow into digital, and business strategy and personnel will shift to meet the needs of the newly-digital marketplace. If your business is still behind the times in terms of digital strategy, 2015 is the time to get serious about online marketing.

Google Algorithms Dominate the SEO Discussion

Programming SchemeMuch of 2014’s SEO discussion was based around Google’s algorithmic changes and decisions. Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, and Hummingbird have all had major impacts on the SEO landscape, and we expect this trend to continue into 2015.

How Google chooses to manage bad links and Penguin updates will be especially important. We’ve already seen the rise of the “negative SEO” industry, which is a major business challenge Google will have to deal with. We’ve also seen many websites penalized heavily without much word on recovery prospects. The truth is that the “PageRank” system overall is looking a little creaky, and the whole industry is going to be stuck in a messy space through 2015.

Hummingbird should also be an interesting part of the 2015 discussion. We know that this update didn’t seem to change much initially, with the launch actually going unnoticed in the SEO community. However, we’ve also seen lots of new discussions on Hummingbird concepts like meta-data and semantic language – however these ideas still aren’t really fleshed out fully. 2015 should see deeper understanding of Humminbird optimization and strategy.

Social Media Logotype BackgroundMulti-Channel Marketing is Key

SEO has become an increasingly blended discipline, and 2015 is likely to continue this trend. Next year, success in SEO will continue to include a strong social media strategy, good content development and marketing, strong technical systems, and more.

Likewise mobile will be an incredibly important aspect of digital marketing in 2015. As we’ve talked about on this blog before, mobile traffic has surged over the past years and is likely to continue growing next year. All digital strategies will have to consider mobile to work in 2015.

In general, as the digital landscape grows, marketing strategies will have to grow as well. As we talked about in the first point, digital marketing is growing because digital adoption is growing. However, users aren’t all just spending their time on the same platforms. New channels like Instagram and Pinterest have recently emerged for example, and now have to be taken very seriously for digital strategies. 2015 will be a year where businesses that want to succeed online will be expanding their view of the overall digital landscape.

Ultimately, 2015 will be a year of growth for the digital industry, and businesses which successfully implement digital strategies. If you’re planning to invest in digital next year, but aren’t sure how to start, the Tech-Critic team can help. Contact us today for a free 2015 marketing strategy proposal.

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