Say Goodbye to Google Plus and Hello to Google Home Services

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Things are changing once again in Google’s neck of the woods, but is anyone really surprised? We’ve discussed in the past how Google is planning ‘world domination’, from their new search engine algorithm to changing the way in which URLs are tracked, Google seems to have a new answer for everything these days. In a nutshell, Google’s ambitions are virtually limitless.

Google-Tech-Critic-SEO-TexasHot on the tail of arch-nemesis Amazon, Google has announced its plans to launch a brand new product that will connect users with various local home service providers, such as repairmen, electricians, plumbers, and home painters. This groundbreaking move – which should be put into action in the next few weeks – is in-line with Google’s plans to use advertising as a means for bringing consumers and service providers closer together than ever. Along with these, users will notice a difference in Google’s social media platform, Google Plus. Depending on who you ask, Google Plus never really got off the ground and running like the search engine giant had hoped. However, with the announcement of Google Home Services, we expect to see the face of Google Plus change, as well. While Google Plus as a means for people to connect and share info with one another may be a thing of the past, we expect the new home services feature by Google to be a true success, and something people actually can use.

What to Expect

Recently, Google tweeted a screenshot example of the new home services model, which was first tested on those in the San Francisco area. As anyone who has ever used Google probably has noticed, when you type in ‘Arlington plumber’ or ‘Mansfield digital marketing agency’, the first three results are ads, as signified by the yellow ‘Ad’ symbol. With the new system, instead of a simple ad (which turns most of us off, let’s be honest), users will be met with pictures of the professional or company logo, their location and phone number, any ratings, and details about their qualifications and services. This is a huge move for Google – and for local businesses – as it will immediately offer more credibility and give consumers the info they need in order to determine which company will meet their needs.

So, what does this mean for you? For starters, it is important to understand how, exactly, Google will be qualifying providers and ranking businesses. We all know that trust and reliability is key when it comes to business. This is one of the main ways in which Google’s Home Services will change the way search results are presented to users. The point is to provide users with providers that are safe and reliable, which is why all professionals that will be listed must pass a background check, be licensed and insured, as well as have a strong track record. There will also be a ‘Learn More’ link which will take people to a support page that will offer information on how the business qualified.

As a local Arlington digital marketing agency and SEO expert, we have been keeping a close eye on any and all moves Google makes. It is no secret that Google is king and rules the Internet, so when announcements such as these are made, it is important to understand how this will affect consumers as well as businesses. To learn more about Google’s transition from Google Plus to Google Home Services and what – if anything – you need to do in order to show up in these new ad blocks, give Tech-Critic a call today.

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