What the New Twitter Algorithm Means for You

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twitter-digital-marketing-seo-tech-critic-dallas-texasTwitter recently announced that they have come up with a new algorithm that will fix its growth problem. You may or may not have noticed, but just this week the social media giant unveiled a new timeline that will show recommended tweets at the top, instead of the most recent tweets. The goal behind this new formula is to show the best and most relevant tweets that you may have missed. From tweets about topics you have shown an interest in to those featuring people who have similar interests to you, the tweets will show up in reverse chronological order. While many are wary about the point of this change, this is great news for those who feel overwhelmed every time they log into the social media platform. Whether you are a new user or simply haven’t devoted enough time to gaining a lot of followers, this new format should create more buzz around your tweets.

How Will This Affect Brands?

As you may be able to guess, this is excellent news for brands and businesses. By curating the timeline to speak to users’ interests, there will be a greater chance for brands to gain followers – and in turn business. The real-time nature of the social network will remain, but it now acknowledges the fact that many trending discussions are oftentimes missed by users. Under the new algorithm, tweets from brands and other public figures will now show up at the top of the page in reverse chronological order in order to help users get into discussions and topics they may have otherwise missed. So, if you are one of the many brands who was becoming discouraged with meek Twitter numbers, now is your time to shine. Marketing strategies have forever changed with the introduction of new technologies and changing generations (ahem, Millennials), and it is important to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

It’s All About Relevant Content

As any brand knows, content is king when it comes to finding success on social media. If you have had little to no luck using Twitter, specifically, to create hype about your brand and bring in business, keep in mind that things have definitely changed with this new announcement. In the past, those who have a huge following on Twitter have done so with the help of some level of fame, leaving the rest of us in their dust. However, Twitter’s new algorithm now gives us all a little glimmer of hope. Twitter now selects the most important tweets that you may find interesting or relevant. This is where content comes in. Because Twitter’s new algorithm isn’t focusing on how many followers you have, but instead of how good your tweets are, having strong content is more important than ever.

Now, if your brand tweets something great and inspiring, it is far more likely to be seen by a much wider audience, which means it will receive the likes and retweets it needs in order to create a buzz. By implementing a well thought-through, smart content strategy, you have a better chance of reaching more people and drawing in those who otherwise may never have seen your tweets. This whole “relevancy on top of recency” aspect of the algorithm is huge for businesses and may be just what they needed in order to capitalize on Twitter users.

In order to be successful and remain relevant, brands must adjust to these new digital marketing strategies. If you have questions about how to use social media to your brand’s advantage, please feel free to contact Tech-Critic, Dallas’s leading digital marketing agency.



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