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National Download Day – December 28th

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Apps Continue to Improve Every Day

National Download Day – December 28th - Tech CriticOver just a couple of decades, the way we use telephones has drastically changed. For the longest time, we could only make phone calls from the comfort of our home when no one else was on the line. Traditionally, a house had just one line. Now, everyone has a phone in their pockets that does so much more than make phone calls. Smartphones have become so complex that phone calls are one of the last things people do with these devices. A UK study found that about 25% of smartphone owners didn’t even make at least one phone call a week.

As technology has evolved, so have our phones. Your smartphone can help you manage virtually every aspect of your life. From banking and shopping to messaging and video chats, smartphones allow you to reach the world like never before. We can largely thank the evolution of apps for this.

Apps are what give us the ability to access our finances, video chat with loved ones across the world, share photos, shop online, and so much more. Just three days after Christmas on December 28th, the country celebrates National Download Day. This is a day that celebrates the time when more apps are downloaded than at any point during the year.

In a survey conducted by Fort Mason Games, 73% of smartphone users said they would download apps on National Download Day in 2018. Those numbers are expected to rise in 2019.

In celebration of this holiday, Tech Critic would like to go over the history of apps and discuss some interesting statistics about them.

The History of Apps

Mobile apps do not have a very long history, but they have experienced some amazing achievements. IBM launched the first smartphone in 1994, which included features like a world clock, calculator, and a calendar. While there was no app store like there is today, these were the first mobile apps.

Originally, apps were known as features, but now, different functionalities of apps are called features.

As time passed, other manufacturers began creating their own smartphones. Blackberry took IBM’s idea of apps and expanded on it. Their phones came with email, arcade games, a to-do list (similar to the Notes on iPhones), and more.

However, apps didn’t quite take off until the introduction of the first iPhone in June 2007. The iPhone changed how we interacted with phones and apps in particular. The following year, Apple introduced the App Store. The App Store’s launch featured a list of 500 mobile apps, and the launch saw an outstanding 10 million app downloads in just three days. The App Store is now over 10 years old and features over 2.1 million apps.

Apple even trademarked the phrase “There’s an app for that” in 2009, and app eventually became 2010’s “Word of the Year.”

Google followed suit in August 2008 by creating their own Android market, which they rebranded Google Play in 2012. Google Play made roughly $24.8 billion in 2018, proving to be a successful alternative to the App Store.

Apps have become an intrinsic part of our lives. We spend hours of our days on our phones, and most of that time is spent on apps. As technology advances, so will apps.

Important App Stats

Apps have rapidly grown in popularity over the years. Today, Apple believes that there are over 20 million registered iOS developers creating apps for the App Store. While the total equivalent for Google Play has not been revealed, it is believed to be much higher than that of the App Store.

There are roughly five billion mobile users throughout the world. With Android offering 2.6 million apps, and iOS offering 2.2 million of their own, it’s unsurprising why there are so many downloads throughout the world. In 2018 alone, the number of app downloads reached 194 billion, increasing by almost 20 million from 2017.

Here are some other important facts about apps:

  • Google Play totaled 76 billion downloads, while iOS App Store totaled 30 billion
  • 87% of smartphone owners stated they downloaded three or more apps a year
  • Games are the most popular downloaded apps, with early 7 in 10 people downloading games
  • China is the largest iOS download market in the world, while India is the biggest market for Google Play
  • China accounts for nearly half of the world’s app downloads
  • The revenue for mobile apps is projected to reach $188.9 billion by 2020
  • Between 35,000 and 42,000 apps were added to the iOS App Store per month between March and May 2019, while 132,000 and 142,000 were added to Google Play
  • 98% of app revenue comes from free apps
  • Facebook owns four of the top five most popular apps in the world, including the top three

The industry of mobile apps is a lucrative and continually growing world. As smartphones advance, utilizing virtual and augmented reality, so will apps.

How to Celebrate

Many experts believe that the reason December 28th and the surrounding days contain so many app downloads is because people receive brand new smartphones as holiday presents. After they get their new phone, they need to fill it with apps to help keep them preoccupied. So, to celebrate this holiday, if you do receive a new smartphone over the holidays, download a bunch of useful apps.

Even if you didn’t get a new phone, you can still participate. Take this day to go download some apps that you’ve never seen before or ones that you haven’t gotten around to downloading yet.

Maybe your smartphone home screen is full of apps but lacks organization. Take this day to organize all the apps on your phone, creating folders for games, sports apps, and other similar apps. If you’re savvy enough, maybe you can even develop your own app! There are countless ways to celebrate this holiday.

National Download Day was established to celebrate a time when app downloads are higher than at any point during the year. Apps are constantly evolving and improving. The team at Tech Critic always stays on top of the world of apps and technology, ensuring that we are informed in this ever-advancing industry.

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