Mother’s Day Marketing: What you can do!

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There’s still time for you to implement some great Mother’s Day marketing strategies! Everyone is always looking for new ideas on how to surprise and spoil their mom on Mother’s Day, and marketing from your end can help them along the way.

Get creative, be unique, & suggest ideas.

Check out our 10 tips below to help you market your business the Mother’s Day way.

1. Email Promotions
The most obvious and straightforward, is to simply remind your customer’s that you’re there and have something to offer them for mom. Send out email’s offering ideas for Mother’s Day just to put your company in their brain.

2. Deals, Deals, Deals
To spice it up, add a deal, package, or discount. For example, nail salons could run a promotion advertising their Mothers day discount of 10% off of a mani and pedi for both you and mom if you bring her along; Dentist offices could offer a special discount on a Philips Sonicare toothbrush for mom; Or tech-shops could offer a discount on screen fixing services that day. If you’re a company that doesn’t exactly offer Mother’s-Day-Friendly gifts/services, not to worry, people like out-of-the-box thinking. Let people know that if they sign up for your service whatever it may be or bring the emailed coupon with them to purchase a particular product on Mother’s Day, they will get a deal.

3. Social Media – Promotional ads
Really utilize your social media accounts in the countdown to Mother’s Day. When people are on social media, they aren’t going out of their way to see a promotion, nor is it sent directly to them, this makes them feel like the idea was theirs. Try promotional ads on Instagram, make sure you use a well-edited picture! If the tone is right, in this day and age, memes are the way to their hearts.

4. Social Media – Contests
Social media loves contests, sweepstakes, and of course, giveaways… Just make sure you keep it simple, fun, easy to share, and worth the effort.

5. Social Media – #Hashtags
Utilize the #hashtag, it is your friend. Find trending hashtags, #MothersDay2017, or even start your own. Share, Share, Share!

6. Do-It-Yourself
Give your customers some ideas! Come up with or research a great DIY project that requires products from your store. For example, a hardware store could promote a DIY project to make a cool coffee table out of pallets, a bird feeder, or a wall-hanging clock!

But what if you’re the type of business that offers pretty typical Mother’s Day gifts…how can you stand out? Try something different. Make your product a little bit more special… For example, if you’re a flower shop, or even just a grocery store that sells flowers, offer a special and creative Mother’s Day deal… Make-your-own-bouquet! Allow customers to come into the shop and arrange their own special flower bouquet for mom.

7. Free gift-wrapping
Last-minute gifts can sometimes have a tendency to go unwrapped, but let’s be honest, it’s more special if it comes in a pretty package. Offer your customers free gift-wrapping on or a few days before Mother’s Day.

8. Fast shipping                                                                                                                                           Okay, let’s just admit it, humans are notorious for doing things last-minute. If your company has an online shop, offer your customers a deal on fast shipping! Just-in-time for Mother’s Day.

9. Events
Create an event at your store for Mother’s Day. For example, a mommy-and-me shopping event for children and their moms, where children will receive a discount on special Mother’s Day items. They can’t leave dad at home… he’ll probably come along for the fun and pick-up something for mom as well.

10. Donate
If your company prides themselves in doing good, or if you would like to start, try a campaign letting your customers know that on Mother’s Day a portion of your profits will go to a particular cause –  perhaps one that is relevant to your business.

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