What’s the Deal with Machine Learning and SEO, Anyway?

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Machine-Learning-SEO-Tech-Critic-Digital-Marketing-AgencyIf you aren’t already familiar with the term ‘machine learning’, you will be after today. In a nutshell, machine learning is a type artificial learning that allows computers to be self-sufficient. This type of learning is actually centered on the creation of computer programs that can teach themselves how to evolve when exposed to new data. While computers of today are able to complete tasks without being programmed, there is still something to be said for the programmers working behind the scenes. Another important talking point when it comes to machine learning is that this type of system works by comparing sets of data and noticing a pattern, then, with the help of a learning algorithm, comes up with a future prediction.

So, you may be wondering why you and your business should care about machine learning, right? For starters, with the introduction of so many different search engine algorithms and other programming nuances, it is absolutely imperative that businesses of all sizes ensure they continue to remain relevant and pop up within the first page of local search engine results. These days, it seems machine learning is popping up everything – from self-driving cars to Facebook. As an Arlington digital marketing agency, it is our goal to keep our clients informed and ensure their website, social media presence, and business plan overall if one step ahead of the rest.

How is Machine Learning Changing SEO Practices?

While machine learning doesn’t appear to have that much to do with SEO on a surface level, they are actually more connected than many realize. In recent years, machine learning has changed SEO in numerous ways. If you have followed our blog in the past, you likely remember mention of Google’s Penguin update, among other back-end updates. Machine learning plays an integral role in these algorithm updates, as Google’s own algorithmic learning system now has to adapt to queries based on interpretation rather than direct input. As Google’s algorithms continue to become more adaptive and self-sufficient, we will hear more and more about machine learning and its role.

So, what can we expect when it comes to the future of machine learning and SEO? Even though machine learning has been lurking in the back for some time now, we are finally seeing it as a larger and more definitive force in the world of digital marketing and the internet overall. Here is a brief look at some of the ways in which machine learning may change future SEO practices:

  • Greater adaptation and less impact – Since we have been anticipating machine learning moving into the realm of SEO, we are expecting to see more of a gradual change and less big interruptions. This is a far cry from when Google would change the algorithm with no warning, which resulted in ruined rankings and flustered businesses
  • Optimizing for humans isn’t going anywhere – While we are undoubtedly going to see machine learning play more of an integral role, it is safe to say that humans aren’t going anywhere, and neither is optimization for users. The bottom line? Civilization will not become extinct because of machine learning.

We hope this blog sheds a little light on the subject of machine learning and gives you a better idea of why it may be in your best interest to pay attention as the future unfolds. Machine learning is quickly become just as important as SEO, and we only expect it to get bigger. To learn more about machine learning, SEO, social media, or any other topic pertaining to digital marketing, please contact Tech-Critic today.


  1. Nikolay Stoyanov

    Really nice topic. I can only imagine how SEO will look like 10 years from now. We recently made a round-up. Most experts agree that real time updates and machine learning will play a big role in the future. Still remains to be seen.

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